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Car radiators play a very important role to sustain the health and mobility of our vehicles. When it is broken down, this can affect the engine of the car which in turn can develop serious car damages.
The purpose of an efficient car radiator is to regulate the heat and coolness of the car temperature without allowing it to get too heated and ruin other parts of the car by moving heat from the coolant that flows through it to the air that passes through the fan thereby protecting our cars from overheating and engine blocks that could seriously damage the engine area of the vehicle.

AlloyWorks is a company that claims to offer high-quality car radiators with long-lasting benefits. Before checking them out, get to know some of the important things that make up this company’s product. Read honest customer review and feedback from previous buyers who have had the opportunity to buy a radiator before now.

About AlloyWorks
AlloyWorks is a Chinese car parts company that was established in 2006. The company is a professional manufacturer of a variety of car radiators, cooling systems, and various other car parts beneficial to the radiator.

Located in room 501, building 5, number 115, lane 1276, Nanle Road Songjiang District Shanghai, China. They claim to provide high-quality and value car products like the radiator, heat exchanger, and cooling system with the best rates with over 500 previously manufactured products.

Products and Services Offered by AlloyWorks
AlloyWorks boasts as one of the prominent car product parts sellers globally as they offer a variety of products that are not just beneficial to the car radiator but also other car components. Their products include car radiators, exhaust pipes, heat exchangers, cooling systems, overflow tanks, oil coolers, intercoolers, clutch rods, hose pipes, car shrouds, and more products.

For their customers in the US, they promise a 2-3 days free product dispatch from their warehouse in the US which isn’t open to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico(shipment is $150), and an expected shipping arrival between 3-5 days.
The company promises a guarantee of 12 months to every AlloyWorks product which starts counting from the factory date. It is also believed to have room for product returns of any kind when any fault has been dictated or when it isn’t within the required standard, all for no charge.

AlloyWorks claims to have the customers' interest at heart first and foremost, therefore, making sure that every order is double-checked and verified by their test engineer before it is shipped off. But only operating on a US limited delivery policy due to Covid-19.

Invitation for Reviews, Feedbacks, Complaints, and Opinions for AlloyWorks
Did you recently purchase any item from AlloyWorks? How was the shipment experience if you’re an international buyer? How were you able to navigate their current delivery restrictions? How about the acquired products, how satisfactory and in shape are they? Do they serve your car efficiently now? Would you recommend other buyers patronize the brand? Share your review here as it’ll benefit other buyers.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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