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Dr. Fuhrman

Health is Wealth. We all knew that before now. Whatever you do to your body, will determine its reaction and as an extension, how it makes you feel. A lot of factors affect our health and well-being. Putting into consideration all these factors, one can be assured of a great health and unwavering well-being. There are many health and wellbeing brands worldwide. Most of them, with the same goal — healthmaintenance, disease prevention and longevity of their patients or clients. Dr. Fuhrman is one of these companies. With a focus on weight loss, heart diseases, diabetes and medication for sportsmen and adults, they have grown to become a household name in the health and well-being space.

About Dr. Fuhrman
Dr Fuhrman is named after its founder, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Joel Fuhrman is a medical practitioner, certified family physician and a specialist in nutrition and natural care. With over 30 years of experience, he has been able to prove his worth in the nutrition space, using naturalproducts and food to reverse chronic diseases and ailments. With the website and online store, they aim to meet their clients and patients goals for weight, sports and fitness, illness resolution and overall health.

Products and Services of Dr Fuhrman
At Dr. Fuhrman, they have a wide variety of nutrition and health materials in the form of digital and hardcopy books. There are audiobooks, DVDs, bundles, videos on demand and posters which are majorly informative and claim to teach the consumers how to live ‘healthier lives.’ They also have supplements which are of various classes. Essential supplements, strongly recommended, multivitamins, children, athletes, elderly, brain health, cardiovascular, blood sugar, digestion, immunity, blood and iron, sleep support, skin, bone health and superfood powders are seen under the supplements section. For food, they offer recipes for healthier meals and provide the ingredients in their store. They have salad dressings, condiments, sauces, soups, seasonings and spices. In Dr. Fuhrman’s personal care section, they have products for health and fitness, skincare and T-shirts as well.

They offer free shipping on all orders above $50 to all contiguous US states. They state that orders that do not require shipping, such as eBooks, videos and audiobooks do not count towards the $50 total that renders the order eligible for free shipping. They have various shipping options and customers can choose which one best suits them. Depending on the options chosen, the delivery time differs as well. Information about the timelines can be found in their “Shipping and Returns” page. They have a strict criteria for returns and do not take returns for books, opened audio and video items, health and fitness products, food and kitchen products and skin care products.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips for Dr. Fuhrman.
Dr Fuhrman has a lot of testimonials on their website and we’ll love to hear from real life stories like yours. What did the drugs and supplements do? Did you have a great experience shopping and buying from their store? Did they ship on time? Share your story by helping us fill a simple customer review. Thank you!

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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