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Overland Solar

Are you hodophile? Traveling is what most people love. The world has many sceneries, wonders of the world, game reserves & national park buildings, road trips, and mountain hiking, this inspires many people to travel around the world. For one to travel around the world, there is a need for a lot of power to drive their heavy machines. This, therefore, poses a problem when there is inadequate power to run devices like music devices, lights in their campgrounds. Overland solar company came up with the solution to this problem.
About Overland Solar
This company was founded in 2007 and it started operating as a world's prominent dependable leader of supplying portable solars for adventures, military reasons, and overlanders. It is located in Garden city in USA. They produce solar panels with different sizes which they ship them to all corners of the globe. They have their grounds or stores in Missouri, Jefferson City, and Harrisburg all in USA.
Products and Services of Overland Solar
Overland Solar supply world most portable solar panels, solar batteries, solar connections, and other solars accessories. Their products are well labeled to ensure that proper connections are done for the one installing them, they are well rated to make sure that correct appliances are plugged in to control damages of customers' appliances. They also mount solar panels on the bars of the recreational vehicles(the RVs). Their products come with a good warranty that ensures that if breakage on their products they replace them with the long-lasting ones. Solar cells come with 20 years of warranty and if you are completely unpleased with their products, the return period is within 30 days after purchase.
Complaints, Concerns, and Tips of Overland solar
Have you ever used Overland solars before? Do you love traveling? Do you know how to use your solar? Do you have problems with installations of solar panels? Well, if you have encountered any problems or any questions regarding Overland solar accessories feel free to enlighten them by using the customer service number +1 800-607-1790 or using email info@overland.com or using the FAQ section page. You can as well leave us a customer review here this will inform potential customers more about Overland Solar.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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