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Having a green world where all our energy production and consumption is not detrimental to our ecosystem is one that is greatly desired. Having to use electricity should not affect our ecosystem. Go for solar today, as it seems more promising and poses no environmental hazard. Do you need the right solar power system for your home use or business? Well, you could consider visiting SunPower for your solar needs. You are invited to read SunPower reviews that have been left by some of their customers.

About SunPower

SunPower believes that clean energy and storage should not be difficult to access by anybody. This is the reason why all their designs, the all-in-one residential and commercial solutions supported by personal customer service and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty. Sun Power has allegedly been in the business for many years, with many years of dedicated solar experience. This US-based company sees itself as the only company that has been around longer than the 25-year warranty that they offer.

The headquarters of SunPower has been located in Silicon Valley since 1985. SunPower has allegedly received more than 1,000 patents for solar innovation.

Channels to contact SunPower

Individuals who desire to reach the SunPower customer care team can do so by contacting them by telephone, on 1-800-786-7693 or 1-844-289-7970. Customers could also visit the company on various social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, to see their content.

Products and services of SunPower

SunPower offers solar power system solutions for Business and public use or homeowners. They boast that each component of their solar installation is designed to not deviate from the line of the next, and as such, it is believed to yield great efficiencies for long-term reliability.

Shipping policy of SunPower

SunPower furnishes the goods covered by the PO following the prices and delivery schedule stated on the PO. The prices include applicable taxes, except sales taxes which are separately shown where applicable. All products are packaged, marked, and otherwise prepared by healthy commercial practices to obtain shipping rates that are low as possible and follow all applicable federal, state, and local packaging and transportation laws and regulations. Customers should be aware that an itemized packing list would accompany each shipment.

Returns policy of SunPower

SunPower desires that customers should be pleased with their products; however if otherwise,such customers could return the product at the company’s expense. Nevertheless, this return policy is only valid for items that are returned within 5 days of receiving the delivery of the product. The company avers that they do not charge customers for packaging or storage.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for SunPower

Have you ever used a green energy system for your power needs? Was it at SunPower that you got yours? Was it for home or office use? How was your overall experience shopping at SunPower? Would you recommend SunPower to your friends, your family members, or your colleagues? Do share your customer reviews, feedback, or tips about SunPower; as you are empowering someone with information when you do so.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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