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Do you want to teach your children important logic skills while also keeping them entertained? With the creation of online applications, it has never been easier to find fun ways to educate your child. From riddles, puzzles and maths problems, cognitive skills are developed by playing educational games from various online sources. Parents need to be able to track their children’s progress and identify which areas of cognitive skill building they need to concentrate on. There are many choices out there from various online shops. One such shop that you might have come across is LogicLike. Real-world people have shared their experiences and insights when buying from this company of their products, policies, processes, and procedures to help would-be shoppers with more information. By reading those customer reviews on peer review platforms such as Collected Reviews, customers can make better-informed decisions. That’s the power of customer reviews.

About LogicLike:
LogicLike was founded in 2013. This business is an online shop for children’s educational games. The products are focused on games designed to boost mental ability and cognitive skills in children of all ages, with a focus on subjects such as maths and logic. This company was created by Matvey Olevinsky, and has offices located in the United States.

Products and Services of LogicLike:
LogicLike’s online shop offers products for children, with products listed in categories of logic puzzles, patterns, numbers, true or false, games, algorithms, 3D thinking, and balance. Games range in difficulty levels ranging from easy to more difficult skill levels, and are sure to keep children of all ages entertained, regardless of their skill level. Customers can also browse math games such as math word problems, and puzzles. The company’s online shop allows customers to track their progress in any game. While the products are aimed at children, adults can also enjoy the 2500+ games on Logic Like’s online shop. Products from the company’s online shop are also available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google App Store.

Products on LogicLike’s website are free of charge. This company operates as an online-only platform. LogicLike does not charge for products and services on their online shop. All products are free. All children’s games on LogicLike’s website are free to download, play, and use.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips of LogicLike:
Have you bought any products or items from LogicLike before? What did you think of their online shop? Was it easy to navigate? Did their online shop offer your preferred method of payment? Did your order arrive on time and in good condition? What did you make of their staff’s customer services? Would you recommend this company to friends and family members? Please consider writing a customer review so that other would-be shoppers will know exactly what to expect from this company. Your experience and feedback on their products, processes, procedures, and customer services are invaluable to other people who are searching for more information on this company, products, and services.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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