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Great Heights

Ever since a very successful commercial campaign by de Beers diamond interests in the 1940s, diamonds have been the epitome of engagements and weddings.

Both engagement rings and wedding rings are, for many, the symbol of union and everlasting love.

Diamonds today are, quite rightly, receiving a lot of attention for the way that they are mined since many of the practices involved in their collection and sale fall short of the qualities for which they eventually become the symbol for.

As such, many look for other ethical ways to own these sparkly objects so as to better respect the earth from which they come and the people who labor to obtain them.

An industry has grown up around ethical diamonds, and part of that industry involves laboratory grown diamonds.

About Great Heights
Great Heights are a company that sell environmentally conscious and conflict free diamond jewelry.

All of Great Heights diamonds are laboratory grown.

According to their website, Great Heights was formed by a collection of diamond industry veterans who wanted to put quality and ethics first.

Products And Services Of Great Heights
Great Heights sell a range of diamond jewelry, all with the distinction of containing diamonds that have not been mined. By incorporating only laboratory grown diamonds, Great Heights have created a range of diamond jewelry that is more ethical in nature.

Obviously, rings figure highly in this company’s offering.

Both engagement and wedding rings are available on their website.

You can, if you want also purchase diamond earrings.

The process of choosing the diamond and setting is a long and complicated one, one which Great Heights sets out to simplify on their website.

The website helps you to build the ring you want, and two links allow you to start this process with the stone or the setting as the base for the design.

After that, you can go on to choose a myriad of stone cuts and settings and rings. Add to this another section that will help you choose which metal your ring or earring is to be made of.

So, a large part of the service offered by the company’s website is to help you build the ring that you want from a set of basic requirements.

The quality of laboratory grown diamonds is graded in the same way as regular diamonds, so each gem has a grade for one of the four Cs, carat cut, clarity and color.

Great Heights only ship their products within the continental United States. No international shipping options are available.

All shipments are insured, and the company do offer a return and re sizing option should you need it.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips For Great Heights
Have you chosen to symbolize your union with a diamond ring from Great Heights?

If you have then we want your feedback!

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You can help others who are considering buying a conflict free diamond product for the first time.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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