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Mom's Cigars

Ask anyone, anywhere around the world, what Cuba’s most famous export is, and the chances are they are going to tell you that it’s cigars. Cuba’s history is entwined with the cigar in no small part due to it’s iconic association with long time leader Fidel Castro.

But cigar smoking has a much longer history than modern Cuba. Almost certainly originating in the Americas, tobacco smoking was famously recorded by Columbus in 1492 when he reached the continent, although the true origin of the cigar is probably lost in time.

Despite the well publicized and obvious detrimental effects to health, tobacco smoking, in the form of cigars is a habit that still enthralls many with its mystique.

If you are in the market for fine cigars, then you should fist ensure you enlighten yourself with quality reviews, then step into the heady world of the cigar aficionado.

About Mom's Cigars
Mom's Cigars is an online tobacco retailer. Mom's Cigars focuses on premium cigar brands and cigar smoking accessories.

Based in Ashburn, VA, the company sell cigar and tobacco related products online to adults 21 years and older

Products And Services Of Mom's Cigars
Mom's Cigars offer a wide range of cigar products. The company claim to have one of the largest ranges of premium cigars available today on the internet.

The premium range is kept in a state of the art humidor warehouse to ensure the freshness of the product.

You can browse the premium range online via brand logo.

In addition to the premium range, Mom's Cigars offer a wide range of ‘little cigars’. Smaller, these cigars usually come with a lower price tag, effectively working as an economy range.

Many of the cigars offered by Mom's Cigars are hand-made. However, there is also a selection of machine rolled cigars available for those who desire.

As well as cigars, the company also offer other smoking products. A selection of pipe tobacco can be found on the website, along with ‘roll your own’ tobacco. Blunt wraps can also be purchased.

Times are changing of course, and so Mom's Cigars also retail CBD oil products and e cigarette equipment.

The company ship throughout the United States, and also to AFO and FPO addresses. International orders are also accepted. A variety of shipping options are available and listed clearly on the company website.

Order tracking is available. Refunds are not explicitly stated on the website, although a customer service number is supplied.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Mom's Cigars
Gift cards can be purchased for Mom’s Cigars products. These are available on the website.

If you have purchased cigar and tobacco products from Mom’s Cigars, then we would like to hear from you.

Did you enjoy your customer experience? Did you receive the products that you ordered on time? Was the shipping and delivery as expected?

Your feedback is valuable to us, and forms the basis of better decisions for other consumers in the industry.

We value your customer review and use your it to help make the web a better place.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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