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Rad Power Bikes

The history of the bicycle is a long one. Over the years this simple design has seen many changes as materials and manufacturing techniques improve.

In more recent times, the latest advancement has pushed the bicycle to a fork in the road. New battery and motor technology has meant that long range, powerful electric bikes are a reality.

These new bikes have joined the mainstream and are now commonplace on the roads, and whilst the regular pedal bike will always be a part of our transport repertoire, the electric bike is here to stay.

So, if you are thinking of heading out onto the streets on an electric bike, then you need to make sure you’re riding the best bike for you.

About Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes was formed in 2015 by Mike Radenbaugh and co-founder Ty Collins. Their first model was the RadRover, and electric fat bike.

The company aim to provide electric bikes across a frequency of price points so that there is a bike that’s affordable for everyone.

The company’s vision is one of enjoyable, energy efficient transport.

Rad Power Bikes are headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Products And Services Of Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes sell electric bikes that are designed to suit several different uses.

They have a selection of all-terrain bikes, that fit into the more usual mountain bike like category in that they can be ridden on road and rough terrain.

The City collection, as the name suggests are more suited to urban riding. These bikes have a sleeker, lighter look. Battery range on these bikes can be 25 to 45 miles.

Rad Power Bikes also have a range of utility bikes. These bikes are designed for transporting heavy objects, and can even be converted to take children or other passengers. Heavier and more sturdy, these are definitely utility and not casual bikes.

The folding bike offerings do just that. They are designed to collapse into a small footprint for easy storage or transport.

Step-thru bikes give you all the benefits of electric bike transport, with the ease of a low frame that makes getting on and off the bike easier.

In addition, there are a wide selection of accessories for your electric bike.

The company offer free shipping within the contiguous United States, meaning Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify.

Returns are accepted, subject to terms available on the website. Each bike must be free of wear and have less than 10 miles on the odometer.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Rad Power Bikes
Are you one of the many switching over to electric bike technology? If you are then maybe you considered Rad Power Bikes for your purchase.

If you did, then we would like to hear about your experience. Can you give us some feedback on the company?

We would like you to submit your customer review of this company so that others shoppers that use our website can make an informed decision on whether to buy from Rad Power Bikes.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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