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Ultimate Autographs

Are you an avid sports fan who would love to collect authentic and vintage sports memorabilia that has history with your favourite sports teams and sports players? Maybe for you, the dream is about getting an autographed material from some of your sporting icons. Your dream is valid, and a lot of people actually want the same thing, but the issue is, getting these autographs and sports memorabilia could be quite a huge task. Some people may not even get to meet their sporting icons in their lifetime, while those who get to meet them may not be able to get these autographs as there are hundreds of thousands of people who want the same. So, what then is the way out? The way out lies in purchasing these memorabilia and autographs from stores who collect and trades these autographs. Why this is great news, the issue is, can you trust that you will be getting the authentic autographs of your heroes from these stores, or you will end up with an expensive replica? To find out what store can be trusted, you need to read the customer reviews and feedbacks from fans like you who have patronised them in the past.

Overall Information about Ultimate Autograph

The company was established by two Illinois brothers: Matthew and DavidSollis. The business started as a hobby in collecting their sports heroes’ trading cards, but it soon became a full business in 2008. To make sure that the autographed items are authentic, the company claims it makes sure a representative witness every autograph session before the certificate of authenticity is issued from a third party company.

Products and Offerings of Ultimate Autographs

Ultimate Autographs claims to guarantee lifetime authenticity of every item they sell. Each of their items is broadly categorized “By Team” or “By Athlete.” To shop by team, all available sport teams are listed. The National Football League(NFL), the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL) and College Football. Items can also be shopped by athlete using the “ShopByAthlete” category.

Through the Memorabilia Mystery Box, sports fans get a chance to receive varieties of autographed items from the top athletes in the sporting space. ‘Frame Your Jersey’ is another feature of the company’s service. This feature is said to allow customers to get their jerseys customized the exact way they want it with guaranteed delivery within 10businessdays. Free standard shipping is made available on all continental, and orders of $45 and above.

Payment for any item purchased on UA can be made through, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Elo, Apple Pa, Amex and a host of other payment plans.

Invitations For Feedback and Reviews For Ultimate Autographs

The sports space, no doubt, has one of the largest fans page with different people rooting for a particular athlete. Inability to be physically close to these people make the fans want to get an autograph, as this tends to give some individuals a form of mental closeness to their sporting heroes. A fan will try his best to get a credible autograph company to purchase an autographed item from. Since a lot of fans would want to get these autographs, a feedback and review from you regarding your experiences with Ultimate Autograph will help thousands of people in making the right decision.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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