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Times are changing and medical science is being helped by the innovation of science and technology. Hospitals and individuals are more concerned about their health and since there is technology which aids this, the world is embracing it with both hands. The COVID-19 pandemic for instance has drawn lot of awareness to our health and hygienic practices. Companies like Wellue are springing up in order to rise to the challenge of helping people stay healthy. However, the increased rise in the number of companies offering these services also mean there would be a number of ‘wannabe’ brands who are just making up the numbers, and these firms are likely going to end up failing to provide the required services to their customers. Yes, finding a good wellness company can be tasking, but you can eliminate the risk of falling into the wrong hands by reading customer reviews and feedbacks about these firms from their past customers. This will help you to make a right decision and save you the stress that comes with fake companies and broken promises.

General Information on Wellue

Wellue, abrand of medical and wellness which operates under Viatom Technology, claims that they are dedicated to the improvement of people’s health by leveraging on advanced technology to deliver the best health care products and services.

Wellue believes that mortality rate can be reduced and life expectancy can be increased if individuals are exposed to modern ways of screening and monitoring their health.

What does Wellue offer Customers?

Wellue helps customers to track their vital metrics with medical grade accuracy through the use of Ring Monitor, Vital Signs Monitor, Sleep Wrist Oxygen Monitor, Pediatric Oxygen Monitor, Baby Oxygen Monitor, Wearable Pulse Oximeter, , Portable Mesh Nebulizer, Fingertip Oximeter, Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Handheld Pulse Oximeter with ECG, Personal EKG/ECG Monitor, Wearable EKG Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Infrared Thermometer and many more.

Wellue offers free shipping of their products to any location in the US states and delivery is made within two to six business days. For countries outside the US, orders above $100 get free shipping. Wellue are said to ship their products to countries such as Egypt, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Poland, Israel and many more. However, they reinstate that there are international countries they do not ship these products to, and these exempted countries are listed on the Wellue’s website. They assure customers of free re-shipping if goods are lost while delivering them and they accept the responsibility of redelivering goods for free. Payments are accepted through MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and PayPal accounts.

Feedback, Experiences and Tips for Wellue

Do you patronize Wellue? Did the products last long or were they quick to develop a fault? Are you going to order more products from them? How was their customer service? Did they deliver on time and attend to you promptly? Write us a customer review. Your opinion will assist potential clients to know what to expect from Wellue especially before they make any order for any of their products online.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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