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Hitch Fit

The verdict is in, getting fit and into shape is the new cool as the whole world is catching up on the benefits of living healthy and exercising. According to a telling statistic from 2016 found on the WHO website, 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and older were overweight and about 650 million of these people were obese. According to Statista, as of 2020 38.9% of adults (18 and above) were overweight while about 33% of people aged 19 and under were overweight.

These numbers are really dire and have led to an increase in the number of people looking for health and fitness solution. If you’re one of these people looking to lose weight or you are a health buff interested in muscle building with the assistance of an effective and affordable fitness service and you want this from the comfort of your home gym, there is good news yet.

Hitch Fit is an online fitness service that you should consider trying out. The big question is can you trust this service to go with you on your journey to get in shape? Thanks to review sites like this, you will have access to the opinions of other users about the services this online brand offers.

About Hitch Fit
As per the introductory part of this review, Hitch Fit is an online personal training service that provides customized fitness programs and healthy lifestyle coaching to clients subscribed to their service.

According to the information on their site, Hitch Fit is unique in the sense that it is not another automated site offering this service but clients get to work with real-life professional trainers with a lot of experience, that’ll review customer information provided during registration to customize a special program suited to their needs and body goals. Also, they claim to be committed to “Transformation” for each customer by assisting them to lead a healthier lifestyle in combination with workouts. Their system caters to the needs of folks looking to lose weight and fitness enthusiast that want to build muscle.

Products and Services of Hitch Fit
The system designed by the Hitch Fit brand allows clients to pick a varying range of fitness plans that could last anywhere from 12-36weeks. Their online personal training plans include customized/personalized workouts, personalized nutrition, healthy lifestyle education, and an email-support plan that allows users to get in touch with the trainers. The personalized fitness training is handled by 2 experienced trainers; Diana and Micah.

As for the programs that you can choose from, they include: Lose Weight, Fitness Model, Weight Loss Plus, Build Muscle, Bikini Model, Get Ripped, Vegetarian Weight Loss, Competition Prep, even a Post Pregnancy Weight Loss program and several others. On the site, it is advertised that clients can get fit for a minimum fee of $19.87 per week.

Basically, the Hitch Fit works by using the information provided by clients to tailor a program best for you.

Invitation for Feedbacks and Reviews for Hitch Fit
Have you tried out this service? Were the results that you got after the program satisfactory? Was the program customized according to your needs and the service affordable as compared to other businesses offering these services? Providing these details will help inform other users on how effective the service is and whether it was worth the investment. We will love to get your reviews and feedback about this brand.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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