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There are many reasons you wouldn't want to reveal your identity to the person on the other end of the phone. Maybe you want to surprise somebody, prank a friend, or protect your number. Whatever is your reason for keeping your number a secret, you must do some things to achieve this.

There are websites online, including SpoofCard that claim to have the ability to help you protect your information during a call and do much more. There have been instances where people purchase services from one of these sites and have their identity revealed and have no one to hold responsible for that failure. To make sure you do not fall into the same trap, you should read reviews about whatever company you would like to purchase such services from. Their previous customers’ feedback will help you know if their services are genuine and help you make the right choices.

About SpoofCard
SpoofCard is an online service and app that allows the user to customize their calls. They help you keep your number private while making specific calls. Their services are available with text messages also and can be used by anyone anywhere in the world. When you use their service, you do not have to make any changes to your original number.

SpoofCard is the first service that allows its user to change their voice on a live call. You can decide to sound like a man or woman or make your voice deeper or lighter, all with SpoofCard. They allow theircustomers to become anybody they want while keeping their identity secret.

Products and Offerings of SpoofCard
When you use SpoofCard, you get the following and more. You can protect your privacy, make calls without revealing your real number, and remain anonymous. You can also record your calls. You can keep people accountable and have evidence of conversations by recording phone calls with spoof card. There is also the option of sending your call straight to voicemail. This way, you can avoid having any awkward conversations. Their voice disguising feature is prevalent. You can change your voice and sound the way you desire while on a call. You can also send a text message anonymously. With SpoofCard, your identity can always be secured.

SpoofCard advises that you should check that you are not violating the country's laws or state that you are calling from before you use their voice recording services. You also sign an agreement that you are not using any of your recordings for criminal activities.

You can sign up for their services by going to their website, completing an application form, and paying for their service through PayPal or your creditcard. All payments made to SpoofCard are non-refundable. It would be best if you were sure of the amount you want to pay before making payments.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for SpoofCard
Are you a previous customer of SpoofCard? Were their services as described? Were there any glitches? Did their voice recording function work properly? Please help prospective customers of SpoofCard learn more about them by dropping a review regarding your overall experience dealing with them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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