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In an era in which customer reviews represent important sources in purchase decisions and product information, Collected.Reviews offers Reviewers and Sellers with a trusted, reliable and transparent platform. We take every precaution to ascertain the objectivity, honesty and correctness of information from Reviewers and Sellers, as well as maintaining an environment free from abuse of these Services.

Let’s get the legal area of Collected.Reviews outlined: The use of our Website and Services as defined in this Privacy Policy & Disclaimer signifies your consent to its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer, you may not use certain aspects of this Website and Service and we may need to cancel your membership. Furthermore, we reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy & Disclaimer at any time – and we will strive to update these Privacy Policy & Disclaimer measures to further protect our Reviewers and Sellers. It is the Users’ responsibility to review the terms herein.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is something that we, Collected.Reviews, take very seriously. We abide by and align our Site and Services to the regulations established by GDPR and ePrivacy to safeguard your privacy and information. Collected.Reviews aims to create and uphold an Independent Service for Customer Reviews and Ratings through an impartial and trustworthy platform irrespective of Service, Industry or Brand. Furthermore, we will never share personal details of our Website’s Users with Third Parties unless your permission has been expressly attained prior to such actions.

Customer Reviews and Ratings remain independent and do not necessarily represent the Views and Opinions of Collected.Reviews. In stating the above, Collected.Reviews is not liable for any incorrect information from Customers and Sellers in Reviews, Responses and Ratings. To maintain the integrity of Collected.Reviews, we reserve the right to remove Users’ personal names and inappropriate or abusive language and tone from Reviews, Responses and Ratings – and we endeavour to inform Users of such action.

Do you have experience with a Product, Service, or Brand as contained on Collected.Reviews? We invite your feedback to offer balanced, accurate and truthful insights. In such instances, we request that your Responses be factual and unbiased in your opinion with regards to your experience with the said Product, Service or Brand as your insight adds invaluable information to said Brand. In our attempts for fair, honest, transparent and unbiased information on Collected.Reviews, we will make attempts to communicate with the User to provide evidence with their Review, Response or Rating; documentation such as Written Correspondence or Invoices or other Records of Purchase will be deemed as evidence in support of such claims.

Collected.Reviews commits itself to providing fair, honest, transparent and unbiased information on its Website and through its Services and in this undertaking we reserve the right to remove malicious, unfounded or defamatory Reviews, Responses and Ratings. Should a Review, Response or Rating warrant a negative tone and contain language that may cause upset for other Users, Collected.Reviews will communicate with the persons posting such a Review, Response or Rating to submit to Collected.Reviews such evidence as outlined above. The spirit and use of Collected.Reviews is built on the premise of fairness, honesty, transparency and unbiased information, and to support your claims your Review, Response and Rating will carry more validity and remain on Collected.Reviews should such evidence be contained in your Review, Response and Rating.

Reviews, Responses and Rating published in bulk from identical IP Addresses will be removed as Spam and abuse of our Services. Furthermore, if a User has more than one review published to Collected.Reviews with insufficient information containing elements of bias, unfairness and dishonesty, all published Reviews, Responses and Ratings Collected.Reviews reserves the right to remove such Reviews, Responses and Ratings. If a Review, Response or Rating seeks to Advertise, Promote, create Calls-To-Action or serve malicious threats to other Users and Third Parties, Collected.Reviews reserves the right to remove all information of said member and IP Addresses and Domains (ULS) will be redacted on our Servers for the protection of our Website, Customers and Sellers. Collected.Reviews does not offer any advice be it legal or otherwise.

Collected.Reviews does not promote, recommend or suggest which Companies, Brands or Services you should purchase. The purpose, aims and spirit of Collected.Reviews is to provide Users with a platform to Review, Respond and Rate your experiences with Companies, Brands and Sellers, using other Users’ experiences to help you decide on which Company, Brand or Service to use.

For Companies, Brands and Sellers A Company, Brand and Seller’s Business Listing and Page on Collected.Reviews does not entitle such Company, Brand or Seller the rights to remove Reviews, Response or Ratings it deems unsatisfactory. Collected.Reviews will – as outlined above – strive to provide a platform that provides content that is fair, honest, transparent and unbiased, and in such endeavours to maintain this we will Liaise between Customer and Seller to resolve disputes. Negative Reviews, Responses and Ratings will clearly be signified as “Resolved” on our Platform and that particular Grade will be removed from the Company, Brand or Sellers’ Overall Score. Resolution of Negative Reviews, Responses and Ratings are encouraged as these align with the aims and spirit of Collected.Reviews. Collected.Reviews creates a channel for communication between Reviewers, Responders and User Ratings with Companies, Services and Brands to engage with one another for positive resolution of disputes. This does not mean that Collected.Reviews will engage in, or facilitate, dispute resolution.

Cookie Policy (source: ICO)
Collected.Reviews uses Cookies on this website to improve our User’s experience of our Website and Services. A Cookie is a simple, small file that is sent along with pages from this website and is stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit to allow for faster loading times, better response and greater user experience.

Use of Permanent Cookies
Collected.Reviews uses Permanent Cookies on this website to improve our User’s experience of our Website and Services. A Permanent Cookie enables our Server to recognize when a User makes return visits and it enables specially-adjusted features and tools for their preferences. These Permanent Cookies require Permission by the User. This Permanent Cookie can be deleted from your browser and your computer’s hard drive via your browser settings.

Google Analytics
Collected.Reviews uses a Cookie from Google placed through your browser and downloaded to your computer’s hard drive as part of our Website’s “Analytics” tool to monitor our Website and Services to Users. Google may provide this information to third parties, if Google is legally required to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on Google's behalf. Collected.Reviews has no influence over this action and has in so far not allowed Google to use “Analytics” data obtained for other Google services. The data captured by Google “Analytics” is made anonymous to protect our Users as much as possible. The Users of Collected.Reviews and their IP Addresses are not explicitly shared; this data is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States of America. Google adheres to the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield programme of the US Department of Commerce. This programme means Users’ data is stored with an appropriate level of protection and safeguarding and Users are entitled to the erasure of such data from their computers at any such time as they request this from Google.


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