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Shoes are meant to protect and give comfort to our feet, but they can also be decorative and fashionable. Shoes or footwear may vary in style and design, sometimes depending on the culture or climate conditions, its material, complexity and cost also vary. Traditionally materials use in making shoes are leather, canvas or wood. But nowadays, rubbers, plastics and other petrochemical-derived materials are often used.

Contrary to our belief, it was men who first wore high heeled shoes. The knights started the fashion, first using them to secure their feet in the stirrups. Then because horses were a symbol of wealth, the high heels became a symbol of aristocracy, supremacy and high social status.

Today's most expensive shoes are the Moon Star Shoes by Antonio Vietri, which cost an astronomical price of $19.9 million. Moon Star Shoes is crafted with 30 carats diamond, solid gold and a meteorite from 1576. It was fashioned after the skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, the solid gold heels is the very image of the Burj and diamonds are studded in the vamp of the shoes. Many women have a vast shoe collection but the record holders are Danielle Steel with 6000 pairs, Imelda Marcos with 3400 and Celine Dion with 3000 pair of shoes.

About ShoeSee

ShoesSee is a Shoemaking company, with a passion for high-quality shoe, was founded in 2010 with head office in Queen Street, Kent, United Kingdom. They believe that timeless design never goes out of style and that true beauty gets better with age. Each pair of shoes has been meticulously crafted by their skilled shoemakers in their factory in Hong kong using traditional craftsmanship since 2014.

All their shoes can be resoled and repaired which significantly extends the life of the footwear. They believe in long-lasting high-quality products that are foot-friendly and can be worn for a long time – truly sustainable footwear.

Products and Services of ShoesSee

This 2021, ShoesSee offers a new style, named Summer&Handmade Stitching, under this collection are Vacation Slippers, Rothy & Comfy Work Shoes, Muller Shoes, and Square Toe Sandals. They also offer a wide variety of Slippers and Flat Sandals, Flats and Loafers, Simple and Vintage Pumps, a huge array of Boots from Ankle to Snow boots. They also have a lot of Sneakers, Heels, and Home shoes to choose from.

Their Men’s shoes also boast a diverse stylish collection. Categorize into Men’s Flats, Men’s Sneakers, Formal Shoes, Home Shoes, Boots, Sandal and Slippers.

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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