How to watch Fireworks this New Year’s Eve

How to watch Fireworks this New Year’s Eve

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We know that the world is starkly different from what it was this time last year. The novel coronavirus pandemic has spiked its way across the world and it is still ravaging communities, cities, and countries. With the Center for Disease Control issuing a health and safety guide to the Festive Season, nearly all New Year’s Eve celebrations have been curtailed or cancelled. However, cities will put on extravagant fireworks displays – bigger than before – for people to watch from the comfort of their homes.

It may not be ideal to be restricted to our homes, with travel limited, and strict social distancing measures, it is the safest we can be to stem the tide of COVID-19 infections. We answer your questions about the tradition of fireworks at New Year’s Eve and how you can watch the best fireworks shows.

What are Fireworks for New Year’s Eve?

Fireworks play an important part in the celebrations and traditions of New Year’s Eve. For thousands of years, cultures and peoples have used fireworks on New Year’s Eve to scare off evil spirits and bring good luck for the new year.

It is actually the Chinese who invented fireworks, and they have used them for thousands of years in their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that light will triumph over darkness, and there has been no greater display of that than fireworks displays.

Today, fireworks displays are laser-perfect in their explosions, blasts, and patterns, lighting up the night sky in the most beautiful palette of colours known to man. With accompanying music, these fireworks shows are hugely entertaining with billions of viewers around the world tuning into them.

How to watch Fireworks at New Year’s Eve:

While we’ve been asked to remain at home on New Year’s Eve and Day to adhere to COVID-19 health measures to curb the spread of the virus, there is no better way to enjoy the best fireworks displays from around the world than from your couch.

Local TV stations and streaming services will broadcast fireworks displays from New York City’s Times Square, fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip, and from downtown San Francisco. Washington D.C. will also host fireworks show that promises to be unforgettable. You’ll also be able to watch the light show from Sydney, Australia, from the Copacabana Beach in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, Paris’ fireworks from Eiffel Tower, China’s Hong Kong show, London in England, and the extravagant fireworks show from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Another fireworks display to watch on TV is the one put on by Edinburgh, Scotland. Don’t miss the one hosted by Ireland in Dublin and Geneva, Italy’s super show too.

Of course, they have cancelled street parties and public gatherings. They will allow no spectators to attend these fireworks displays, but – as we have mentioned – there will be broadcasts of these spectacular shows to enjoy.

What makes Fireworks New Year’s so special?

The sheer size of the fireworks displays, their kaleidoscope of bright colours, the explosive sounds they create, and jaw-dropping scenes they produce are truly memorable. These shows transform cities in their colours, and they are one of the many drawcards for travellers to these host cities for New Year’s Eve and Day celebrations.

We need to adopt digital programs and TV broadcasts for the New Year’s Eve light show spectaculars this year, and they won’t disappoint with their shapes, colours, and arrays.


For as long as people have celebrated New Year’s Eve and Day, fireworks have played a part in the festivities. Fireworks symbolize the triumph of light over darkness for many cultures. The Ancient Chinese invented fireworks and have mastered the art over the centuries – with each country around the world now embracing these to represent their leading cities to the world in exciting and fantastic shows of colours. The world might not be able to celebrate and enjoy in the festivities surrounding New Year’s Eve and Day because of the COVID-19 virus and its spreading infections, but with technology, we will be able to make the most of these fireworks displays from our favourite cities on our TVs from the comfort and safety of our homes.


In this article, you find more about New Year’s Eve and Day, why fireworks displays are so integral to New Year’s celebrations, and how you can still watch them despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

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