What to Expect in a Car Detailing Wash

What to Expect in a Car Detailing Wash

16-02-2022 in Car Services

A detailing car wash offers different services compared to the regular car wash.

There may be similarities in the outlook of the facilities, but the types of equipment in a detailing car wash are of a higher caliber. Car detailing involves cleaning the interior and exterior of a car to restore it to its factory state. A regular car wash is a quick fix — you could have one on your way to and from work — and merely focuses on cleaning the car's exterior.

So what exactly should you expect when you take your car for detailing? You can always explore trusted review sites like Collected.Reviews to get a glimpse of what to expect at a detailing car wash.

Car detailing is divided into two broad categories: interior and exterior. Both classes are self-explanatory, but let us look at a list of car services you can enjoy at a detailing car wash.

What to Expect In a Detailing Car Wash

1. Exterior Car Detailing Services

Car detailers pay attention to the state of your car's exterior. Beyond washing dust, dirt, mud, and grime off your vehicle, they also take care of the gloss of your paint and restore its gloss.

Exterior car detailing involves these processes:

i. Washing and Drying

The detailer first flushes off all the dirt using a pressure washer. This is just a preamble. Next, they get their gloves on and give your car thorough hand car wash and detailing. They focus primarily on areas like windshields, rims, and wheel arches.

ii. Paint care

Car detailing is a restorative procedure. Your paint needs to be at its glittering best if you want your car to have a good resale value. The detailers use a clay bar to remove soap residues on your car. This procedure prepares the car's surface for polishing. They will then polish your car in its original paint to improve its gloss.

iii. Sealing or Waxing

Covering the car's coat with a sealant helps it retain its gloss for a long time. Some car washes offer special services like applying a ceramic coating or paint protection film to protect your car's paintwork and windshields from minor scratches and oxidation. Need your windshield covered? Brands like Clearly Tough specialize in windshield protection. Read Clearly Tough reviews first, though.

2. Interior Car Detailing Services

This is perhaps the most significant distinction between a car wash and detailing. Car washes hardly ever clean your car's interior — and even when they do, it ends at the car mat.

i. Vacuuming and Brushing

First things first, the detailer vacuums the major dirt in the car like the sand on your carpet, food crumbs, etc. The next is to brush all stains in the car. You may have spilled coffee on your car seat in your haste to work.

The detailer would thoroughly, but gently (to preserve the car's upholstery), wipe all that clean. The detailer uses a dry method to ensure that the seats dry quickly.

ii. Wiping

Cars have exquisite designs. You have the stereo, the insides of the windshield, the dashboard — all of these need to be wiped clean. If you are one to share shots of your speedometer on your Instagram, then you'll know how vital a shiny dashboard is.

The detailer focuses on those nooks and uses the best tools for the perfect touch. You can visit online stores like LionParts if you need to change motor parts. Read LionParts reviews before making a purchase.

iii. Perfuming

A good car should have a clean, refreshing smell. Your car deserves that, and so does your lungs. The detailer perfumes your car specially selected fragrances as finishing.

Car detailing is an intensive and holistic approach to maintaining your car's appearance, which sets it apart from regular car washing. If you are trying a detailing car wash for the first time, now you know what to expect. Most detailing car washes offer special services like mobile car detailing, but, of course, at extra cost. But don't let that discourage you; your car will be better off.

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