A Guide to Interior Car Detailing like a Pro

A Guide to Interior Car Detailing like a Pro

21-02-2022 in Car Services

Do you wish you could relive that same feeling you had when your car first left the dealership? Would you like to be able to enjoy a perfectly clean and spotless car? If you want your car to look perfect and without a trace of stains or dirt of any kind, interior car detailing is the service you need.

You must bear in mind that, if you carry out this type of service on a regular basis, your car will always be kept in perfect condition, and all the dirt and stains that may have been produced inside by mud, footprints, drinks, food, or any other substance, they can be eliminated much more quickly and easily.

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Step by Step Guide to Interior Car Detailing.


When you clean the floor of your home, what is the first tool you go to use? Of course, the vacuum cleaner! In this case a perfect vacuum for car detailing is the ideal accessory to start removing all the “bulk” of the surface dirt that has nestled in the interior of your car. Well, plug it in and start vacuuming everything you can see! Removing debris on carpets and fabrics is the first thing to do, followed by folding the seats by sliding them to the rearmost (or forward) position possible, in order to reach even the most difficult places in the cabin.

Do you want to know a trick to make this first phase even more effective? Before using the vacuum cleaner, try to sprinkle the rugs and seats with baking soda, let it act for about 30 minutes and then proceed to vacuum all the surface dirt.


Intensive cleaning of the interior of your car, in particular of the fabrics on the mats and on the front and rear seats. In this phase you can proceed in two ways: through a do-it -yourself method or through the purchase of specific products created to maximize the result and minimize the operating times of the entire procedure.

The do-it -yourself method consists in preparing a solution composed mainly of sodium bicarbonate, which will be mixed in a bowl together with dish detergent and a glass of apple cider vinegar, all finally mixed with hot water. The liquid thus composed will be applied to the fabrics through a hard bristle brush, and then left to act and finally removed with a towel.


The presence of important stains on fabrics, however, recommends cleaning using more specific cleaning products. There are all types on the market specifically designed to remove dirt deposited on leather seats, it can be used through the dispenser supplied, you spray the liquid on the fabric, which will be rubbed with a damp sponge.

The complete removal of impurities will be carried out immediately afterwards with a clean microfiber cloth, properly rinsed several times. Then all that remains is to dry everything by hanging the mats and circulating the air in the passenger compartment by lowering the windows and opening the doors.

In the same way, there are also specific products for cleaning the dashboard, which must first be dusted properly and then cleaned with special spray polishes, and for the windshield, mirrors and windows: these can also be washed with a do-it-yourself solution. composed of water, alcohol and bicarbonate, which will impregnate a cloth to be used with vertical and horizontal movements. The important thing to remember? Do not leave streaks and place bicarbonate in the ashtray, which will eliminate all bad smells in a few hours. For items related to external items such as windshields, you could have a look at reviews about Clearly Tough.


Once the interior has been cleaned, the last step in returning to smile behind the wheel is to thoroughly disinfect the passenger compartment. These disinfectants can be used in two ways.

(A) Completely emptying the jar or manually- In the first case, you must first open all the storage compartments and the air vents, then close the windows and start the engine, in order to set the fans to maximum air recirculation mode. At this point the product will be positioned in the center of the passenger compartment, which will be activated by closing the car doors. After some minutes, the disinfection will be completed, but it will be advisable to ventilate the interior thoroughly before getting back behind the wheel. You can find some items that'll help you on Oracle Lightning's website.

(B) In the second case, however, this special product will be used simply by directing the disinfectant jet on the surface we want to sanitize. After leaving it to act for a quarter of an hour, just remove the remaining dirt with a clean cloth.

Finally, getting an interior car detailing done is an ideal bet to be able to decontaminate the interior of the car effectively and thoroughly, regardless of the materials that can be found inside the car (leather, plastic, etc.) For more information regarding how to perform excellent interior detailing for your car, you can check out reviews for car detailing from professionals. This bit of information can be of help.

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