5 Clichés About Online Dating You Should Avoid

5 Clichés About Online Dating You Should Avoid

09-09-2020 in Dating

People try out online dating for several reasons. Boredom. A non-existent love life. Curiosity. However, no matter how curious or bored you are, some common clichés just put you off. There’s a 100% chance that you have come across lines like “my family is important to me” or “I love to have a good time” when skimming through a dating profile. Sounds too familiar, right? When you see these same old lines staring back at you, this could be a major turn off. At this point, you can’t even distinguish one profile from the next. It becomes so refreshing to finally see that one profile without these overused lines. If you don’t want to fall into the trap of using generic and obvious statements on your dating profile just like millions of people all over the world, then you should know the ones to avoid. So, here are the 5 clichés about online dating you should avoid.

  • My Friends are Like Family

This is a widespread one. Saying that your friends are just like family is not some sort of revelation. We get it, you care about your friends. Is there anyone that doesn’t care about people they see as their best buds? No one would tell you they treat their friends like garbage. Therefore, using this on your online dating profile could have people thinking you have a wall of friends they would have to fight through before getting to you.It’s best not to make your potential dates get defensive from the get-go.

  • I’m looking for Someone with a Great Sense of Humor

Is there anyone looking for a date that puts them to sleep with each sentence? This is an overused line and certainly not a great one, except you’re looking for Trevor Noah. In any case, you can instead replace this with “I love comedy shows, especially Friends.” This is not only a straightforward sentence but a great conversation starter.

  • I Like Going Out and Staying In

So, you like existing. Your profile should be able to say something definite about you, not trying to attract everybody. Instead of being this vague, say those specific things that are great about you. They don’t have to be huge events. It can be an activity as basic as walking the dog on weekends or binge-watching your favorite series. Your online dating profile should reflect you, and that’s what will bring in your perfect match.

  • I Don’t Want Drama

This is a huge red flag because it suggests that you’re still holding on to a lot of resentment from a past relationship. A lot of people don’t want drama. Instead of coming off as angry and resentful, use online dating profiles that are more specific to your personality.

  • I Love Laughing

Do you enjoy crying? Do you want to be intentionally sad? So, why do you have to state that you love laughing? If you’re using this to show that you have a fun side, then you have achieved nothing.

The best thing you can do for yourself to be as appealing as possible on your online dating profile is to be yourself. Be honest and sincere, and you’ll be able to avoid the trap of online dating clichés.

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