Dating Apps that will make your Quest for love fun

Dating Apps that will make your Quest for love fun

04-03-2021 in Dating

What are dating apps?

A dating app is software that you download to your phone, Pc, or any other device to access dating services from a given company. Usually, you can access the same services through your browser. Having the application makes it easy and more fun for you to access your dating profile and account.

How many people use dating apps?

In 2019, Tinder- the most popular dating site in the US- reported having over 7.86 million users. Bumble came second with 5.03 users. The numbers have increased, especially since 2020 saw an influx in online dating activities. IBIS World conducted research, and their finding indicates that the dating apps market was worth $3 Billion in 2018. Ideally, the size of the market corresponds to the number of dating apps users.

Types of dating apps available in the market

As with dating sites, there are free and paid applications.

1. Free Dating apps

Usually, free dating sites provide their users with free dating apps as an alternative to accessing their services. Some applications are absolutely free, while others are limited.
Below is a list of the best free dating apps in the USA.

a. OkCupid

b. Free Dating

c. Plenty of Fish

d. Fdating

e. Completely free dating.

OkCupid is a top-rated dating site, and their services are available and accessible via their application which. According to reviews on OkCupid, the company has the best free dating services both on the website and the application.

2. Premium or paid dating apps

Premium dating apps are usually owned by paid sites. Most dating sites have both premium and freemium memberships. Some, however, limit the activities you can access when using the free version. You, therefore, need to pay a certain amount of cash, for instance, when you want to start a conversation with a potential partner or match.


2. eHarmony

3. Our Time

4. Zoosk


Best dating apps that actually work.

Nothing disappoints like downloading a desktop or phone application into your device and finding out that it doesn’t work as you hoped. Spending your data on non-functional apps can be costly, especially if you try a couple of them. We at Collected.Reviews have compiled a list of the best dating sites you will have fun using. Don’t waste your space and data on apps you can’t use.

1. Bumble

Bumble is the best dating site/app for shy men and courageous ladies. Women get to make the first move. Reviews on Bumble shows that more people like the video and voice call features launched in the app. It's a perfect application for finding the right match. You ask possible mates a series of questions, and you can hook up with whoever feels more compatible depending on their answers.

Bumble has a free version and a premium one from 6.99 Euros.

2. Hinge

Hinge allows you to have the first glance of a person's appearance and personality. The application allows users to customize their profiles and add key personal information. Through the information, you can tell from the go that the other person is a potential partner or not. The app allows you to notify your match when you get ready for a virtual date. Not to worry, your match only sees the flag when they do it as well, so you don't have to get embarrassed in case they don't feel the same about you. Hinge is free to download and available for 10.49 Euros.

3. Her

Her is an application for a dating site for queer and lesbian women. The app is best for LGBTQ members hoping to hook up with like-minded women. It’s one of the best as far as transgender are concerned. The platform is more than just a medium for finding love. You can engage with the rest of the community in online events, LGBTQ news, and group chats. It’s a safe way to find a community in which you belong. The app is free and has memberships from as low as 7.99 Euros.

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