Everything you should know about online dating sites

Everything you should know about online dating sites

04-03-2021 in Dating

Defining online dating:

Also known as internet dating, it involves people finding connections over social media sites with an intention of developing sexual, personal, and romantic relationships. You can find online dating services from numerous companies running both free and premium dating websites.

What are online dating sites?

Online dating sites are basically websites or applications run by a company providing users with dating services on the internet. Usually, the company employs various mechanisms to provide matchmaking services. Online dating sites use algorithms to match people depending on their profile information. Ideally, two people with similar hobbies are more likely to fall in love.

History of Online Dating

Internet dating can be traced back to 1959 when Phil Fialer and Jim Harvey, founders of a family planning service called Happy Families. They matched 49 pairs of men and women using an IBM 650 and a questionnaire. Also, in 1963, Ed Lexis used the same method to optimize the potential of people meeting at dances. Online dating sites use similar demographic information to analyze users' details for match-making.

The current state of online dating

We are in the 21st century when almost everything from shopping, business, and learning, happens online. In 2020, especially, the entire world was brought to its knees by a series of lockdowns due to Coronavirus. Online dating gained more popularity, and more people joined these sites to find love. Now the lockdowns are getting lifted, and the sites are still as busy. This is proof that people love it, and they still use the platforms as mediums to meet more like-minded people.

With busy lifestyles, dating sites provide an effortless and much better way to find potential lovers, flings, and friends. In the USA, more than 14 Million singles have met through dating sites. For this reason, online dating is one of the greatest and timeless trends.

How do online dating sites work?

Once you search an online dating site of your choice, you get the option you join. If you decide to join, you provide personal information including your age, location, sexual orientation, and appearance –which you upload a photo or a video. Like any other social media site, other members get to view your profile and you get to see other members on the site. Interacting with others is a call you get to make. You can start conversations or respond to any messages from other potential connections.

Usually, most dating sites have messaging boards, webcasts, and telephone chats. Members can share contact information and interact beyond the platform or can choose to keep their communication constrained online. Depending on how you interact with other members, you can arrange for dates with those with whom you gain interest.

When should someone use a dating site?

Anytime, yes, that’s right. Many kinds of relationships get forged through a dating site. Whether you are looking for a life partner, friend, or a fling, just signup to a site of your choice and make your intentions clear. Not everyone on the platform is looking for a marriage proposal, some want to hang out and others just want to get laid. It's a one-stop-shop. You even have a slot on the profile to indicate the kind of relationship you are looking for.

Reasons why you should use one

1. It's clear everyone is single and searching.

Unlike trying to hookup on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you are sure that everyone on the site is single and available for another relationship. This makes it easy for you to put your intentions straight. It's much more comfortable asking someone single out on a date than trying to figure out whether your Facebook crush or colleague is engaged, and whether they would love to hang out with you.

2. Dating sites are more favorable to shy people.

Some people are generally shy and anxious in public or around new faces. Dating sites give them anonymity to warm up to newly acquired friends, mates, and lovers before meeting them in person. We all know that feeling when interacting with someone online feels like we have known them for a long time. Shy people feel less anxious interacting online, therefore, have an easy time communicating and reaching out to more people.

3. You get access to different people and more personalities.

Thousands of single people join dating sites intending to get a lover, friend, and romance. This means that the site provides each Individual with a pool of personalities, characters, and possible mates. Dating sites do not have a geographical location limit, and therefore, you can meet more individuals than you could ever meet physically. If you have a small social circle, this could be the place for you. On a dating site, you are more likely to meet more like-minded individuals you could with whom you could interact and hopefully fall in love. For instance, you might find a group of people who are into the same things as you. This way, choosing a more suitable mate is easier than dating someone for a couple of years only to find out that you are dysfunctional. Additionally, some sites specifically bring together gays and lesbians, making it easy for them to find mates. It's hard for you to tell what the other person is into unless they say it. This is the hard part about asking someone out without offending their sexuality. With a dating site, getting a partner is almost like a walk in the park. You are sure about the sexuality of the other person you are interested in.

If you are a Christian, Hindu, or in any other religion, you can interact with a possible mate with similar beliefs if that's your priority. The details are all in their profile, and you can always reach out and enquire more about them on any subject of your interest.

4. Give you the freedom to walk away from traditional gender norms.

Gone are the days when men had to ask a woman out. Nowadays, you can just walk or in this case send someone you like a text to let them know how you feel about them. Some women just hate being passive in relationships, and dating sites give them the upper hand. Anyone interested can reach out to the other without the fear of getting judged. After all, everyone is searching. Although only a minority of women make the first move, it is still wonderful to liberate those who need to have active roles in their relationships. Besides, some men love women who go all in without playing hard to get. The goal is to unite two single individuals searching for love and romance. It shouldn't matter who started it!

Things you should consider when selecting a dating site

1. The kind of access you want

There are free and premium dating sites. Both paid and free dating sites are quite popular, which proves that all are good. There are hundreds of dating sites on the internet, and making a choice between free and paid will help you narrow down your list. For free dating sites you don't have to pay a dime. With premium ones, you need credits to keep interacting with a potential love of your life.

2. Find a favorite by trying out several sites.

You will never know the quality of services a site offers until you become a part of it. You can try out as many as you can. Doing so gives you a point of reference, and you get to compare the sites and settle for the best. The internet has provided you with more than enough sites. All you need is to make the best choice. For starters, you can read dating site reviews to get some insights. Reviews will probably give you some of the best dating sites for free or premium ones. From the list, you can now try the sites to find your favorite.

3. Do a brief research on the demographics of each site.

Whether you are a millennial, generation Z, or X, trust me, there's a site that suits you best. Going through the demographics of each dating site will help you narrow down the list. You will get the ones with age-groups that match you best. Usually, free dating sites have more millennials and Gen Z while paid ones have more baby boomers and Gen X. If you are a baby boomer, the best choice would be getting paid dating apps or sites.

4. Be aware of scammers.

Doing stuff online isn't always a scam, but it involves high risks. Some people fall into traps when being catfished into online frauds without even knowing it. People have lost money sending a potential partner they just met online, money. A beautiful lady or guy will request you to send them cash to pay for their bus ticket to meet you, and that will be the last time you hear from them. If someone is interested in getting into a relationship with you, they should not make you pay for their transport. When the person constantly gives excuses for not meeting up with you, stop wasting your credits on them. Find someone else.

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