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    To be a part of a good cause is our duty and it is the right of people to receive donations. If you've decided to donate to a matter that's important to your heart, the first step is to identify a genuine organization that will put your money to good service. However, trawling through hundreds of NGOs to determine their legitimacy might take hours. It shouldn't be difficult to do good. However, not all donating options are considered equal: your contribution might differ depending on where you give. We’ve compiled a list of charities for which you can find the reviews and check if the organization is spending peoples’ donated money on the things they say they would. If you have donated to any organization listed on this page, kindly leave a review.

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    Every day, millions of individuals contribute to charities to support issues they care about while also benefiting their own lives. It is not only beneficial for society but also good for yourself. It's important to choose a charity that has long-term goals and missions that are in line with your objectives. Many factors define a worthy charity but positive reviews can make a huge difference for the charity. To assist you in determining which organizations are worthy of your support and which you should avoid, we compiled a list of charity groups that are operating in the US. Reviews and feedback are shared under the respective company so that you can make an informed decision. Read other people’s experiences to discover more about the top charities for aid, how they operate, and how you can help.

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