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Proofreading Academy

The global need for proofreading services has so much increased and it cannot be over-emphasized. Businesses and individuals develop contents that need to be proofread before being presented to the public and this has brought rise to the demand for professional proofreaders globally.

A lot of firms profess to offer such services and Proofreading Academy alleges to be part of such companies that equip their clients with tools to do better in the proofreading profession. However, checking through the customer reviews of the company would greatly influence your choice and decisions whether or not to patronize the firm.

About Proofreading Academy
Proofreading Academy is a company that was launched in the year 2017 and was developed in response to the need for a global benchmark for proofreading standards and also the need for modern editing and proofreading in a digital world.

Proofreading Academy acclaims to be in partnership with Proofed, who has been working with freelance proofreaders since 2010 and has found that there was no single qualification that covered all of the proofreading essentials required and with an international network of clients from the academic, business, and creative sector, they came up with a training environment that helped proofreaders to advance in the proofreading skills.

Channels to contact Proofreading Academy
Proofreading Academy assures to being responsive to clients’ needs and asserts to assist them with any questions and clarification and by this, they provide an email through which they can be contacted at or through a phone call at +1-88-851-7822.

The firm also professes to be active on various social media platforms and urges clients to connect to them on Facebook or Twitter as the case may be.

Products and services of Proofreading Academy
Proofreading Academy is a company that claims to offer courses in the proofreading and editing field, creating an opportunity for clients to make money from any location. The firm proclaims to be one place to learn to use all the proofreading tools required and thus asserts to have a working knowledge of the market.

Proofreading Academy professes to also help individuals find freelance work with their partner, Proofed. The firm proclaims that prospective proofreaders just need to reach a distinction grade of 80% or above on their final assignment to qualify for their work guarantee.

Proofreading Academy assures to help create courses to teach writing skills (be it business, creative or academic), proofreading and editing skills, spelling, grammar and punctuation, English as a second language, Microsoft word, Formatting, Style, referencing and citations and this offer are for both companies who need to train lots of staff overtime and for continuing professional development training as the case may be.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Proofreading Academy
Have you taken the Proofreading Academy final assessment before this time? What do you have to say about the company’s offer? What were your experiences with the company? Would you mind sharing those experiences you’ve had with the company? Please it would also be welcomed if you could drop feedback and tips that could aid the company to improve subsequently and also assist prospective clients to make the right choices. Thanks for your time.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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