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Rocket Dollar

You must have come across the phrase, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. There is nothing more accurate than this when it comes to investing. The future is unpredictable, therefore, in order to secure it, you must have a backup plan. One might come across infinite investment opportunities, but when it comes to retirement, you should solely focus on the ones that are made with retirement savings in mind. Not to mention that retirement plans help you not to lose all your money on taxes.

In this regard, Rocket Dollar is a reputable company that helps you to invest your retirement savings in the assets you want. You can now plan a peaceful retirement by investing in either self-directed retirement or stocks. Bonds also play an essential role in the retirement portfolio, therefore, never miss on these additional opportunities. Hence, let's address the most important concern of the consumers: How do we trust Rocket Dollar? Well, the answer is simple. Like any other business, go to their official website, read out the customer reviews, make a map of all the pros and cons in your mind and decide accordingly. After all, it is about your retirement money.

About Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar deals with retirement investments allowing people to unlock IRA/401 (k) money, invest in alternative assets and keep the tax benefits. Since its founding, which was in 2018, Rocket Dollar’s customer base has grown to 800. In total, they have provided access to USD 9.3 trillion retirement savings to people for alternative assets.

Rocket Dollar came into existence on the belief that the tools accessible by the rich, should be accessible to every common man. Hence, their main goal is that everyone should be able to invest in a retirement plan for themselves. The team of Rocket Dollar aims to provide a fast and straightforward process for anyone who wants to create, fund or invest in any virtually permissible asset according to their own preferences. Moreover, they do not associate any penalties with early withdrawal.

Products and Services of Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar offers two different plans for you to invest in. These areSelf Directed IRA and Self Directed Solo 401 (k). In a self-directed IRA, the customer can enjoy the benefits of a chequebook control of retirement savings. You can invest with speed and confidence in your preferable assets and secure your retirement with Rocket Dollar. Moreover, for individuals who have a self-employment-based income, a retirement plan dedicated to them is Self-directed Solo 401 (k). The consumer can secure their retirement through flexibility, high contribution limits and more investment options claim the company.

What are the setup fees of Rocket Dollar?

You can choose from a list of two. One of the plans is named ‘Core’ and has a one-time setup fee of $360. While the other plan is named ‘Gold’ with a one-time setup fee of $600.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Rocket Dollar

If you have ever previously tested Rocket dollar, provide us with your valuable experience and feedback at our homepage. Your word will help other customers to trust Rocket dollar for their retirement investment plans.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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