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Brian Tracy

The path to life journey is a bumpy ride; it swings from left to right. It has ups and downs, high and low moments. Walking this path alone might prove devastating, especially as several factors decide the fortune of humans. You are not assured of everything going as planned. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Hence the need for people to walk this path with you. Not in front of you but beside you. If you've ever felt lonely, broken, or underachieving, Brian Tracy should be your ideal place. Here is the thing, however: While the platform is all about helping you reach your goals and achieve success, we cannot vouch for their services. But you can read reviews, feedback, experiences, and opinions to fully understand what and how their services work. Reading reviews will shed more light on the company and what it has to offer.

General Information About Brian Tracy
Founded in 1984 in Vancouver by Brian Tracy, the company is named after its owner and derives much influence from the notable works of the owner. Headquartered in California, Brian Tracy is all about leadership, self-esteem goals, personal branding, goals, strategy, and success psychology.

Products and Services of Brian Tracy
Largely service-oriented, the company's offerings range from sales training, business training, book writing, time management, leadership training, to public speaking. Each one of them provides you with the opportunity to read blogs and learn more about the topics and everything contained. Also, you may register for free training in any of the topics or invest in yourself. Leaning more toward services, however, does not suggest no products are being sold. Brian Tracy has courses that come with payments you can download. The courses are spread across the aforementioned topics and are believed to come with a free book.

On the website, you can book a live training session with Brian Tracy the CEO, or just see him speak at different events and occasions. Also, you can become a coach and learn more about coaching programs. Another service rendered is a section where you can read reviews about the courses, training, and programs. While we are not certain if the reviews are genuine, we encourage you to seek more reviews from external sources. Again, you can subscribe to Brian Tracy's email or newsletter and should get tips claimed to meet your personality, motivational content, and steps that are believed to prompt you into taking action and decisions in life.

Lastly, Brian Tracy has free resources you can download and learn from and the founder's books can be found and ordered. For books and other products ordered online, the company clearly states that shipping costs are subjected to the method you choose and your destination. For international shipping, the company highlights 2-4 weeks for delivery and offers a 30-day return policy from the day your goods are purchased.

Invitation for Tips, Opinions, and Feedback
We won't know if you have participated in any of the training videos offered by Brian Tracy or not unless you tell us. We won't know how the books read and how productive many of their services are. Have you hade any dealings with this brand in the past? We invite you to leave us with your tips about them, opinions on their products, and reviews about their services. Your comment will go a long way in helping other clients make a better choice.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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