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School of Positive Transformation

Psychology is a thorough study of the mind and behavior. Being mentally healthy is directly proportional to a healthy life. Several biological, environmental, and social pressures together affect the mental health of people and their lives. Emotional outburst is very predictable and common living in a world full of stress and anxiety of being perfect and getting more than other. Positivity can be triggered through education, awareness, training, and support through a proper channel which ultimately eliminates the chances of being caught in psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Positive transformation is the utmost need to be fulfilled which fuels the process of being our perfect version. The world is deprived of people who can surround you with positivity and give support in your worst time so to make sure that positivity prevails quality education is needed. School of Positive transformation is a platform that helps in bring positive transformation and claims to integrate knowledge into various courses for people. Please read the reviews of customers at collected. reviews who already get their courses so that you can have a better understanding.

About School of Positive Transformation
School of Positive Transformation is a platform where people can get various courses related to their transformation in life, and it is accredited and certified by Continous Professional Development (CPD). It was founded by Dr. Itai Ivtazan, who is a professional positive psychologist, professor, and senior research associate. They aimed to provide the education, knowledge, training, and support to induce positive changes within those who wish to have, making the world a better place. The founder combines psychology and spirituality to help people in learning and understanding.

Products and services provided by Schol of Positive Transformation
School of Positive Transformation offers a wide range of courses including Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training, Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate, Guided Meditation Scripts, 30 days Mindfulness course, Positive Mindfulness Programm, and more.

The School of Positive Psychology offers a 30 days money-back guarantee for the people who enrolled themselves for the courses but are not thrilled with the course and want to leave it. School of Positive Transformation offers a 100% refund at any cancellation of course and enrolled people can cancel anytime if they feel uncomfortable.

The data or personal information of a person collected at the time of enrollment including your name, email address, and phone numbers are kept highly confidential. The information is used only on a lawful basis and the information will never be shared with a third party without the consent of a concerned person.

Complaints, compliments, and tips for School of Positive Psychology
Have you ever taken a course from the School of Positive Psychology? If yes, then we would appreciate you if you write a review on our review platform. Do you want to give tips? Do you have complaints? Do you want to compliment? Please feel free to share your entire experience and give feedback. Customer review is always beneficial as it helps in changes and also guides other people in deciding to take any course from the School of Positive Psychology or not.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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