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Tido Home

If you are in a remote or rural location, without immediate access to conventional services like water and plumbing, then you may need an alternative.

From remote work sites, to camp sites and even off grid houses and cabins, a range of products are available for consumers who wish to provide a range of water and plumbing services to themselves, family or staff.

At the forefront of this need are a range of companies who are using the latest in modern engineering to bring modern convenience to difficult situations. Maintaining hygiene in camping and remote situation becomes easier when you use conveniences such as these

When you are going to rely on plumbing system like this in a remote location, you need to now that everything is going to work just the way you expect it to. That is why it’s vital to ensure the quality of the product that you are going to purchase. Customer reviews are an ideal way to ensure that you purchase the product best suited to your situation.

About Tido Home

Tido Home is a manufacturer of portable sinks and portable toilets. Tido home have their own factory and manufacture all the products that they sell themselves.

The company also manufacture a variety of water storage devices for both waste and fresh water.

According to the manufacturers website this means that they can cut out extra charges that would normally be introduced by a middleman.

Products And Services Of Tido Home
Tido Home offer portable plumbing solutions for remote areas and building. Tido Home offer portable sinks and portable toilets that can be taken anywhere.

Their products are easy to use and can be installed if you are camping, or in your boat or even in portable or permanent remote buildings.

Tido Home have several portable toilets on offer as well, both of which integrate into their range of basins and waste water storage systems.

Tido Home also currently offer two types of water container.

The first kind is for use directly with their portable toilet system, and is designed to take waste water and contain it for later disposal.

In addition, Tido Home also offer a portable fresh water container with a spigot that can be used to store fresh water when you are away from immediate access to modern plumbing. This is ideal for comping and boating situations.

Tido Home’s range of products are food grade plastics.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Tido Home
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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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