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Keeper Tax

Chances are, you may need tax write-off services and applications at some point, especially if you are a freelancer, and a small business owner. Keeper Tax as a company claims it eliminates all the traditional problems associated with tax write-offs and filing with its automated system. Read customer reviews and feedbacks from their real customers to find out if you can trust them with your tax needs.

Brief Information about Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax was launched in 2018. Based in San Francisco, United States of America, Keeper Tax is a business expenses tracker and tax filing software designed to serve mainly freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers. The software combines machine learning with licensed human tax bookkeepers to automatically find tax write-offs.

Since its launch in 2018, it claimed it has served over fifty thousand freelancers, including Saucey Taxes, Uber/Lyft drivers, Rover Taxes, Postmates Taxes, Delivery Driver, and so on. It has also filed more than forty million dollars in tax savings. This brand has partnered with two top tier investors, Matrix Partners and Y- Combinator.

Products and Offerings of Keeper Tax

Since Keeper Tax claims to have a software that automatically finds tax write-offs, it has successfully helped so many freelancers and small business owners save money by bringing to their notice tax that they didn't know could be written off.

What Keeper Tax does is this: First of all, they scan past purchases for write-offs by monitoring your purchases for write-offs you may have missed while busy, making your job easier at tax filing time.

After scanning past purchases for write-offs you may have missed, a bookkeeper is assigned to you to monitor all your purchases throughout the year. At most once a day, you get a text asking for some information or verification. All communication will be so, daily, till the year runs out, or till you opt out of the service. And at tax filing time, you can either file directly through Keeper Tax or export your record and file somewhere else.

Signing up for the services of Keeper Tax requires that you download the app from the apps store, register with your email, and get a thirty days free membership trial. After the first thirty days, there is a $24/ month membership fee.

On the company's website, there are free resources about tax which are particularly relevant to the self-employed, mostly freelancers and side hustlers.

Another of Keeper Tax's claims is that, its software is automatically linked to credit/debit cards or bank making expense tracking easier, faster, and seamless. With this automation, one doesn't have to bother whether or not purchases and payments are recorded on the Keeper Tax software as they are automatically added.

Invitation for Feedbacks and Reviews

If you have ever used the Keeper Tax software to write-off tax, please leave a review. Was the app's interface easy to understand? Did you have issues setting up your Keeper Tax account? What didn't you like about the service, and what did you like? Your honest opinion and customer review will mean a lot to someone reading. Leave a review here.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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