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Are you looking to send money to your friends or family in another country? Are you wanting to send money home to your parents in another country from where you live and work? International money transfer systems have slowly become easier to use. Transferring money from one country to another doesn’t take weeks any more. Finding the right online international money transfer service will save you money in currency conversion rates and in transfer costs. Which service do you use? Which one is safe? Which one has low transfer costs? You can only know that by reading about actual people’s experiences of using money transfer services like TransferGo. That’s why peer review platforms such as Collected.Reviews help other would-be customers to make better decisions.

About TransferGo:
TransferGo was founded in 2012. This business has its head office in London, England, United Kingdom. This company was nominated as the Fastest Rising Start-up at TechCrunch Europa Awards 2018 and one of the 5 Hottest Scale-ups in the United Kingdom by TNW. TransferGo Lts is a registered service provider. The company also operates and is registered in Lithuania as TransferGo Lithuania UAB, with offices in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Products and Services of TransferGo:
This company is an international money transfer service. Customers need to register an account on TransferGo’s website or download their mobile apps (for Android and Apple). The system allows customers to then book a transfer of money, whereby customers provide the recipient’s account details and the amount of money to be transferred. Using a debit card, customers can transfer funds from their own bank account to TransferGo’s account, and then the system will automatically transfer that money to the recipient.

TransferGo has created its system based on low currency conversion rates. These rates fluctuate with the stock market’s movements. The delivery fee is pre-calculated in the transfer process. All costs for funding and transfer are included on the system’s checkout process. Money transfers usually reflect in the recipient’s bank account within 3 business days. The company also offers a standard delivery for next business day, as well as an expedited delivery service that can deliver money in less than 30 minutes – depending on the country in which the deposit is made into TransferGo.

This company also offers international transfer services for businesses. From bulk transfers to low currency conversion rates, business owners can select various business options to suit their payment frequency and payment sizes.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips of TransferGo:
Have you used TransferGo’s services before? Have you transferred or received money through TransferGo before? What did you think of their services? Was their online interface easy to use and straightforward to browse to find the right tool for you? Are their processes simple to use? Did you have any problems? Did you need to speak with a customer service agent? If so, were they professional and helpful, and did they resolve your queries? Would you recommend this company to your friends and family members? Please consider writing a customer review with your honest feedback and experiences (positive and negative). Your insights will help other people to make up their minds about the services of TransferGo.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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