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The universe is full of uncertainties and natural disasters. The popular legal maxim: the act of God does injury to no one is a clear example that when accidents occur, you can’t hold anyone responsible for it. You are either left to wail over your loss and pick up the pieces or revel in your loss and lose yourself in it. Due to this, the insightful ones try to be ahead of the game by taking steps to ensure any form of accident, natural disaster or uncertainty does not deal them a heavy blow by taking steps to insure their properties. Insuring one’s property is good but it only solves one part of the problem. If your property is insured, failure of most insurance companies to redeem claims has remained a menace that is unyielding to the force of change. In fact, most people find it unnecessary to insure their properties, after all, they may not get payment for their claims when the need comes knocking. Lemonade Insurance Company claims to be all the answer you need in terms of offering the perfect insurance cover that fulfils its promises should there be any eventuality. So, how do you know can trust them, unlike the others who have failed in the past? The solution might be in reading customer reviews and experiences of those who have done business with them in the past.

General Information about Lemonade Inc

Lemonade Inc is an insurance company founded in April 2015 in New York City. The company was founded by Daniel Schreiber and Shai Wininger. They offer insurance services for renters, co-op, condo, homeowners and pets. You may wonder what distinguishes the company from its competitors. Lemonade Inc has a business model that transforms the common model of most insurance companies. Through the use of chatbots, the company is said to offer fast redemption of claims for its clients.

Products and Offerings of Lemonade Inc

Lemonade provides insurance for homeowners who are interested in indemnifying their properties against loss. If you are a tenant, you can as well insure your personal properties against fire, theft or vandalism through the company’s services which are said to be made affordable for renters. Their services cover insurance for homes, apartments, co-ops and condos across many states in the United States. Understanding the need for insurance for pets, Lemonade established the Pet Health Insurance to cater for pets when accidents or illnesses occur. The pet insurance scheme covers diagnostics, hospitalization, outpatient, surgery, speciality, and medication which can be done immediately as claimed on their website.

Through the use of chatbots, the company claims it gives hitch free access to clients’ claims within few minutes.

An important feature of the company’s business model is the ‘Lemonade Giveback’. In a bid to achieve the company’s mission statement, Lemonade charges a flat rate from each insurance payment. After the clients’ claim has been paid, “Giveback” allows the client to choose where the rest of the money will be paid to, for charity.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews for Lemonade Inc

Have you insured your properties with Lemonade Inc. before? Do you think the company has a defect that needs to be corrected in term of business model, customer service or any other area? A quick review of their services and offerings will go a long way to help anyone in need of an insurance company, or who wishes to learn more about Lemonade before committing to them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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