Complete Fanny Pack buying guide in the US

Complete Fanny Pack buying guide in the US

30-03-2022 in Online Shop

A fanny pouch can keep your things secure on a night of fun or a hike through the countryside.

What you have to do is;

Read the reviews on Collected.Reviews about different companies that are selling fashion-oriented fanny packs and some classic pieces. By reading the past experiences of people and their feedback, you’ll get a better idea of whether to go for that company or not. Well, shopping reviews help out a lot whenever making purchasing decisions.

Another consideration you can look into is - THIS GUIDE

Fanny packs were formerly seen to be "uncool," but they are no longer. They've become a must-have gear for climbers and vacationers. Learn how to select the right balance of design and efficiency with our guide which will help you throughout your decision-making process.

Whether you’re going for no design bags with simple and classic design i.e. clear fanny bag or you’re oversized man or woman who is looking for a suitable fanny bag that can meet your requirements and can be the best fit for you i.e. plus size fanny pack, then Read this guide and know more about fanny bag buying decisions.

You should know what is a fanny pack?

What exactly is a fanny pack?

This section will explain what a fanny pack is if you are unfamiliar with the term. Due to their effectiveness and attractive styles, what was once popular in the 1980s is now becoming widely known again. This useful bag is carried around the waistline and has flexible clip locking. It may be used to hold small goods such as cards, mobile phones, wallets, and so on.

The security aspect of a fanny pack is a significant benefit since unless someone comes to grips you to the floor and slides down the bag, you can state that it is incredibly safe and comfortable for your valuables if you wear it to the front of your body.

We’ll also discuss the types of fanny packs but first, let’s have a look at the factors that need to be considered - We didn’t want to make this a “most awaited one” for you to read.

What to look for in a fanny pack?

Today's fanny packs are much more than a pouch and a strap. These must-have accessories are available in a range of sizes, colors, and forms. Some even have iPod jacks built-in.

You can wear a fanny pack virtually everywhere nowadays, whether to a party or on your monthly supermarket run! Before purchasing a fanny pack for men or women, many considerations must be examined. The bag must meet all of your requirements while also being of high quality.

Material used

The material factor is the top consideration when buying a fanny pack. It is because the way you use it can have a great impact on your purchasing decision. Fabrics used in the fanny pack range from nylon to polyester to canvas. Moreover, waterproof fanny bags are also considered here. Choosing the appropriate bag material is crucial since it determines how durable the bag will be. In addition, the bag's material has an impact on whether or not it can be washed.


Size is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a fanny pack. You may desire a compact fitness fanny pack that can just hold the necessities. If you're going on a longer trip, such as hiking or attending a festival, you'll need a bigger fanny pack that can contain sunblock and refreshments. Or we must say, if you have a child who has some essentials to keep with him/her - then a kids fanny pack is a smart option as it also comes in different designs and is styled with cartoon characters. Consider everything you want to bring with you and look around for the finest fanny pack inexpensive solutions to help you save money.

Adjustable strap

The strap on most fanny packs is flexible. This allows you to wear your fanny pack in several different ways. Because you'll ultimately have to wear the bag around your waist or on your back, the strap and buckle style is important. Buying a bag with a wide strap guarantees that the user is as comfortable as possible. Also, fasteners come in a wide range of styles, from clips to belt-styled hooks. Choose the type that is the easiest to fasten.

Number of pockets available

For added security, a fanny pack with many pockets may be quite beneficial for holding specific goods distinctly. For example, you might keep your credit cards separate from your smartphone in a smaller zippered pouch. All models feature one huge pocket, however, some have separate pockets inside for holding stray coins or other small items.

If you're looking for a fanny pack with enough compartments for everything you need, a large capacity lumbar fanny bag is a better option than a standard travel fanny pack.


The scratch-resistant feature is good to consider because it is obvious that you may not like to spend on the fanny packs again and again or can’t pay for its maintenance again and again. Now, coming towards the types of fanny packs that may fit your requirements (Requirements can be those that should meet fanny packs for women - sew on patches, design, different style, patterned design, and much more.

The important thing - types of fanny packs

There are different types of fanny packs that people purchase according to the scenario. Some of them are;

Travel bags

The travel fanny pack is the traditional design of the fanny pack. It has a broad waistband that twists and hooks, as well as a little pouch that rests right below the belly button.

Lumbar Fanny pack

The lumbar fanny pack, which is popular amongst climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, has some comparable design elements to bags, such as compressive bands for a more suitable match and a wider pouch to accommodate more stuff than a purse. In this bag, you can bring stuff like water, food, additional layers of clothing, and other necessities.

Hunting fanny pack

This style is a must-have for any hunter since it keeps the hands free while allowing quick access to things like goggles, additional bullets, gloves, sunblock, and other items. The majority of them are made of camouflage or khaki green cloth.

Hydration fanny pack

People who participate in severe strength training must stay hydrated, which is why refreshment fanny packs are popular among runners and sports. This specific model has a tiny compartment for certain items and stores one or two bottles of water. It keeps the water close at hand.

Don’t forget to check the storage capacity

It's just as crucial to know how much a bag can hold as it is to know its specific measurements. Although some fanny packs are tiny, they might feature large pockets that allow a person to store more goods. Bag volume is generally stated in cubic inches, so consult the salesman or vendor for the precise capacity before deciding on a model.

Don't buy one made of cheap material.

Because these bags are subjected to a lot of excessive wear, it's always a good idea to purchase a well-made bag. Unless it's leather, lightweight material typically means cheap cloth that shreds quickly. Ripstop is a high-quality, lightweight cloth used in a variety of athletic gear. Parachutes, hang gliders, and hot air balloons are all made from this cloth.

A Fanny pack is a centerpiece of any outfit

Let's be honest about it. It's difficult to persuade someone that something practical is as enticing as something that complements their style. You undoubtedly have a visual set or impression that you deliberately aim to convey, regardless of your gender. Maybe you like a workout style, or maybe you prefer the current appearance of pop music slogans and symbols. Maybe you’re looking for fanny packs for men.

Regardless, the expanding prominence of fanny packs has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of alternatives that authentically comply with your particular preferences and standards. Make a striking fashion statement which bespoke all-over-print fanny packs with fantastic artwork. Wear it like a genuine fashionista, with a crossover bag to make you appear like one of those fashionable individuals.

Now, you may know how to shop for a fanny bag!

Is it so?

Though people consider the fanny to be a thing of the past, it may be useful in a variety of settings. Your goal isn't to create a trendy look, but if it is, you'll need a keen eye for style to choose something fashionable. Fanny packs can sometimes be a preferable substitute for backpacks, which might be overly bulky and so attract too much focus.

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