How to style plus size fanny packs guide

How to style plus size fanny packs guide

30-03-2022 in Online Shop

It's good to see how the fashion industry is evolving and creating options for the plus-size people who are always finding it hard to adjust with the brands for their sizes. Still, half of the fashion industry is hiring zero-size models and isn’t focusing on creating versatile fashion choices for plus-size people. However, fanny packs now come without this exception, and people can wear them according to their waist size as they want! This guide is about the plus-size fanny packs and ideas about how to style them in a fashionista's manner.

Are fanny packs comfortable for plus-size women? (If done right, yes!)

Having a heavy waist isn't a bad thing. You must be comfortable with who you are. Fanny bags come with adjustable straps and many options to fit every size. Using a belt extender is a way to flare the belt according to your size and enjoy putting your basics in the bag! Here are some ways to style it for a fanny pack for plus-size women.

Canadian Tuxedo

Wearing a plus size fanny pack with your Canadian tuxedo outfit can enhance the look and make it look so classy. Several online websites sell the best denim fanny pack to complement your look of Canadian tuxedo with long boots. Visit websites for fanny pack plus-size options.

Beach Chic

If you are a beach-chic style wearer, go for a fanny pack wrapped around your waist to make it look fashionable and carry your belongings very easily. Plus-size women won't regret this choice! Waterproof fanny packs are available for beach pairing with clothes.

Under the jacket

Be it winter season or any occasion, wearing a fanny pack with a plus-size fanny pack extender is a choice for people who want to go on an adventure and fear they might lose their personal belongings somewhere. Fanny packs come in handy in such situations.

Crossover with casual outfits

If it's summer and you want to choose some casual-chic outfits but hate carrying handbags along as a tiring thing to carry, try out a chic and fancy fanny bag to highlight the look and make you look like a fashionista flaunting her style.

Streetwear vibe

Streetwear denim and loose shirts paired with a fanny pack will make you stand out in the fashion world and reflect the vibes of a streetwear fashion gamer along with the comfort of carrying a lightweight bag on your side.

Go for patterned fanny packs for a fashion-forward look

Simple fanny packs may seem boring to people who want colors and sparkles in their lives. Fanny packs come in different styles nowadays with innovative ideas to gear up your look just like in the collections of Parisa wang. As for plus-size women, pairing a patterned fanny pack with different clothes makes them look glamorous. Here are some of the companies that sell patterned fanny packs.


Adidas stands first when it comes to shoes and clothing and bag collection. Their new collection has amazed many with the styles they incorporated in the fanny packs engraved with different patterns and bright colors and a sleek logo on them.

Gucci waist bags

Gucci has their new collections launched for the spring season coming up with different darker hues combined to give a good finishing to fanny packs. They have available options for plus-size women to shop fanny packs easily from them.

Got more plus-size issues? Get a Fanny pack extender

Being plus size is not an issue anymore with the industry focusing on adapting to the manufacture of unconventional sizes they have ever come up with. Yet if you are not comfortable with the size of the fanny pack being limited, getting attached to it with an extender can solve your problem.

Sew on patches to make a statement (buy different patches i.e. butterfly, rainbow, etc)

If your fanny pack lacks glamor and you want to make it a bit extra, purchase sew-on patches with different shapes or you can purchase the tape-on patches for your fanny pack. Just lxr and co with their luxurious fanny pack collections that can be changed in sizes and patches can be attached to them to enhance the look and feel.

Where to shop plus-size fanny packs?

Well, there isn't a single place to purchase plus sized objects and accessories, visit Stefania mode with their luxurious Italian fanny packs to pair up with your dress code for the day or you can visit the different review websites to hear about the brands selling plus size fanny packs and accessories that fit anyone and make their statement style looks glamorous and chic.


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