Clear fanny packs - how to wear & brands to know

Clear fanny packs - how to wear & brands to know

30-03-2022 in Online Shop

Fanny packs or bum bags are tiny carriage bags tied around the waist to carry small things like glasses, money, and binoculars and are mostly used by tourists to clear away their hands from handy things. Fanny packs come in different styles and sizes with colors that are attractive and can be matched with the outfits.

Why are fanny packs cool?

Well, the fanny pack is similar to the pouches and bags carried by us but they seem a lot more convenient to carry as compared to the traditional handbags and shoulder bags. Fanny packs are easy to carry and accommodate almost every basic and the mini thing you need for a trip or daily use.

Are fanny packs trending?

Yes! Fanny packs are trendy and considered high in fashion nowadays. They come in different styles and colors. There are different styles for fanny packs for men based on the colors they like to wear and the event they are carrying them.

Women also wear clear fanny packs for traveling and lots of websites are selling fanny packs for women online. Some countries topped the trend of fanny packs like Tokyo and Berlin with almost every second street runner wearing a fanny pack around the waist. Fashionistas are investing a great deal in creating fashion fanny packs to hug you and go along for festivals and cardio. Just like Nike clear fanny pack with size adjustable straps and versatile colors.

How to wear a fanny pack?

There are different ways to carry a clear fanny pack. Discussed here are some ways to wear the stylish fanny pack and look cool.

Front body fanny pack

To get good control over your things you can wear a fanny pack on your waist at the front and easily unzip it to get something out of it. Just like Adidas clear fanny pack that comes in front shaped style and gives you the ease to carry things.


Cross-body clear fanny packs are cooler according to the fashion fanatics. Slinging it across your chest or waist can give you a more defined and absolute look and make it easy for you to even run with the bag on. Fanny bags from Mybag is a good idea to invest in the UK's leading bag store where there is a variety of fanny packs to get at affordable prices.

Side bag

Slide the strap on the side and make it tie to your side on the chest and waist to look cool and modern. You can play around with the strap to find a position for it that suits you the best. Get Monier Freres bag and find other options of discount on their pages.

Back bag

If you are not fond of wearing a clear fanny bag on the front, it is a good idea to take it back. Comfort and style both matter to you. Wearing a fanny pack on the back can give you extra support and make it easy for you to control the strap.

Fanny packs for the laidback bride are officially high-fashion

Thinking of wearing a "bride" imprinted fanny pack on your bachelorette party will make you look cool and create a theme for you to settle your bride things in your bag easily.

High fashion fanny packs to add to your wish lists

Many fashion brands are working to introduce fanny packs in their bag collection as the new normal and create them with new innovative designs and styles to suit their clothing and shoe line. Gucci, Nike, and Adidas type popular brands are introducing their clear fanny packs with their power logos on them and their statement styles and making a great profit around the world.

Adidas Fanny pack

When the world has stopped thinking about fanny packs, Adidas came up with a clear Adidas fanny pack collection to stun everyone with their class. Some brands Gucci and Nike launched the following bags:

Gucci fashion fanny pack

Gucci has never lost the race with the fashion updates. Their clear fanny pack target has been achieved with great acceptance in their fans and their creative ideas have won hearts when it comes to their bag collection including backpacks and exclusive fanny packs this spring.


Nike is channeling the 80s styled fanny packs in their collection with stunning designs to surprise their fans. Visit the Mlouye review on their review websites to see what styles are in nowadays and adapted by Nike and other reputed brands.

You won't have to hold them in intense running and focus on holding up things in the bag. Moreover, it seems cool to carry clear fanny packs around your waist as a new form of fashion and easy to tie around.


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