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A lot of people shy away from buying the things they love from other countries because they are discouraged by very high shipping fees and the stress that comes with shipping. The long wait and all. How long can people keep on making do with what’s readily close and available because of these reasons?

Would there be a solution to this problem? Will people ever get to experience the luxury and sheer joy of shopping from a different country? The answer is yes. An online shipping company like Tiptrans promises to change the narrative. But before you begin to shop from different parts of the world, take your time and peruse reviews about Tiptrans first. Customer reviews always save us from costly mistakes.

About Tiptrans
Tiptrans was established by Marian Martys in 2007. When Tiptrans first started operations, they dealt majorly with helping people ship from China to other places like the Czech Republic, The UK, Hong Kong, Germany and others. But they seem to have grown so much over the years. They claim to explore a lot of areas in the shipping world now. Thanks to their staff spread in different parts of the world.

Products and Services of Tiptrans
helps foreign buyers ship their purchases from China to wherever they are at a cost. They do not have specific costs for this because it is largely dependent on the nature and size of goods to be shipped. Fragile packages may cost more than normal ones because of the extra care needed in handling them.

Not a lot of business owners can afford to travel to China all the time because they have to pick up their purchases. This is not the only service that Tiptrans claims to offer. Supplier outsourcing is another.

What does this entail? It simply means that Tiptrans helps you find suppliers that are in your line of business. They make things easy for you because you won’t have to spend time deciding on what store is the best.

They also promise to be transparent in outsourcing for suppliers for you. They also claim to shop for prices for you. They charge about $10 per hour for supplier outsourcing.

Another interesting service that Tiptrans claims to offer is personal shopping. They can also shop for you on request from many online stores across China. All you need to do is pay the required amount of money which is 5% of your total purchase.

You could also subscribe to the premium membership of Tiptrans which is about $10-$50 dollars monthly. When you do, you’d have access to free features like free package deliveries.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews of Tiptrans
One reason we always love to read reviews from customers is because reviews are the most honest ways to access the truth of a business and what it offers. Also, potential customers are oftentimes influenced by reviews. Have you ever employed the services of Tiptrans? Were your expectations met? Were you disappointed? We would love you to share a review about your experience for other people to learn from.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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