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Blockchain Council

The blockchain revolution is upon us and there are just enough reasons that it would stick for long. A form of technology using online ledger to simplify the way people transact, the blockchain industry is thriving and defining the future of payment and online transactions. Through decentralization, the blockchain has paved way for cryptocurrency and the use of Bitcoins which has been immense these days. Yet, not everyone is well acquainted with blockchain technology. Not everyone is in the right position to embrace the future. Reasons range from nonchalance to lack of genuine blockchain platforms to get the knowledge from. This is where Blockchain Council comes in — to help people understand how the technology works. However, there is a problem associated with trust and confidence in most online services. To clear every doubt, clients are encouraged to read more about the company, learn from the experiences of those who once had enrolled in their services. Reading reviews help to solve the problem of doubts and trust while keeping your money safe.

General Information About Blockchain Council
Founded by Toshendra Sharma, the company claims to be one of the leading companies propagating the goodness and essence of the blockchain industry. Through pieces of research, methods of development, and efforts geared at use cases, products, and knowledge, Blockchain Council believes the company is contributing to a better world by making people understand how the technology works without a sweat.

Products and Services of Blockchain Council
Fundamentally, the company is all about training and certifying people in blockchain. Some of the aspects you can get certified for include Corda, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger, and even cryptocurrency itself. You can become an expert in any of these, an architect or a developer. Some other areas include the blockchain specialization where you get access to courses such as blockchain security, blockchain marketing, blockchain human resource, and blockchain law. Enrolling in any of these courses also qualifies you for a professional certificate.

Another aspect to look at is Blockchain Council's membership programs. You can sign up as an individual member or as a corporate member depending on your choice. The company claims to have multiple packages for those who sign up for membership and some of the benefits include free access to premium content, networking with experts and professionals, access to webinars, workshops, and benefit from certifications not excluding instructor-led pieces of training.

Blockchain Council offers virtual training and online degrees in blockchain, cryptocurrency and trading, and blockchain business. Not restricted to these, other certifications include cybersecurity, data science, big data, virtual reality, internet of things, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The company boasts of a blog where you can access free resources and offers career programs, partnerships, community, and scholarships to college and university students.

Invitation for Tips, Feedback, and Opinions
We invite you to leave your tips, stories, opinions, and feedback about Blockchain Council with us if you have ever been a recipient of any of their services. How were the course and the flexibility of training? At what price and sacrifices were the certifications? What part of their services did not meet your expectations? Kindly, leave a review and let others know what to expect from them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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