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Titan Casket

With the certainty of death, and the need for a final resting place emerged the use of caskets. The purpose of caskets isn’t just for the decoration purpose; it serves as a final resting place for the dead. Caskets are usually one of the top priorities in the case of any burial and Titan Casket is one of the companies that relieve people of the stress of worrying by selling already made caskets for burials.

There are always so many questions that often come to mind when the need for a casket arises. People want to know and have so many of their questions answered. Like, what is the quality of the product and its services? If you will want to get more information on everything casket-related before you venture into one, it’s important that you read as many customer reviews and feedback from previous buyers as possible, as this will intimate you on what you’ll likely expect with the product.

About Titan Casket
Titan Casket
is a privately owned casket-making and delivering company that was established in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping people with the burden of finding a casket in cases of death. The goal they believe is to help offer the dead a final resting place. The company states that its singular most driving motive since inception is: to offer designer caskets at revolutionary prices while driving affordability and transparency in the funeral industry.

The company believes that everyone has the right to a meaningful, memorable, and personalized funeral, without having to break any bank and that grieving families should be treated with respect and dignity which they believe is one of their major driving forces. The private company started by planning farewells for families and friends, and then launched into the position of planning funerals directly, supporting and guiding others through the planning process.

Products and Services offered by Titan Casket
Titan Casket
sells different styles and designs of caskets to their customers. The company is also believed to extend their services towards funeral preparation services which are only done upon agreement by the bereaved.

The company claims to have a functional and effective delivery system due to the nature of their business; orders are shipped within 1-2 business days and delivered within 2-7 days on arrival.

They have different types of logistics-related policies, from returns to exchanges, challenges, delivery, refunds, and custom orders. For their return policy, they promise to make reimbursement 30 days from the date of purchase and if your purchase has been over 30 days, the refund policy ceases to exist.

For exchanges, the buyer is expected to pay for returns of cancellations and a 30% restocking fee and in any event of refusing to accept any order on delivery, the delivery is said to be canceled and possibly restocked.

Invitation for Reviews and Feedbacks for Titan Casket
If you have had to purchase any of the products manufactured and marketed by Titan Casket, then your review will be encouraged here as it’ll give others future insights.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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