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Chic Me

The internet's virtual shopping center opened the boutique world at low prices. From the comfort of your sofa, you can shop for clothings of various styles from all over the world. Distributors have followed trends, and new fashion websites come up everywhere, using social media apps to boost their profiles. Chic Me is one of the sites which have gained momentum on the online retail market.But how many regular customers do they have on their store? With the high risk of losing your money to fraudulent online stores these days, how can you be sure Chic Me is the right store for you? Is Chic Me a safe online store? For you to decide whether to purchase dresses from Chic Me or not, you'll find reviews and feedback from past customers very helpful. You'll see if these customers were satisfied with the service they received and you'll know if buying from them is worth it.

About Chic Me
It is not unusual for e-commerce websites to give customers little information about their company's history. There are many of these companies that are designed to target a certain shopper demographics and the same multinational company may own several similar sites.

For Chic Me, the domain registration was first recorded privately in 2007. On their page website, it is stated that their vision is to make every woman's life happy. They offer thousands of product styles and update more than 500 daily. Their telephone number for customer service is based in China. It works between 1:00 AM and 10:00 AM US Eastern, which is sensible for a firm located in China, a time difference of approximately 12 hours from the US East Time Zone.

Products and Services of Chic Me
Chic Me clothes have a complex, corporal appearance. They also offer a range of Chic Me shoes, stilettos, sandals and boots, in addition to the chic clothes they have on offer.

Chic Me dresses come with an average price which is between $25 and $30. You'll pay $35 to $55 for their shoes in the ballpark. They have some, but not many gem accessories. Most can be purchased in excess of $15.

You have the opportunity to purchase goods and products from their website using your iPhone or Android devices directly via their Chic Me app which is available for download on both Google and Apple Play stores. At Chic Me, you'll find items like: Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Plus Size, Dresses, Bathing Sheets, Jackets and Coats, Shoes, Bags, and more.

Invitation for Feedbacks and Reviews for ChicMe
Have you bought any dress from Chic Me before? Were the dresses same as the ones they posted on their website? Was their delivery service able to deliver your orders on or before the expected time? Do they have a customer service that will handle your request of support without any unnecessary delays? Do they abide by the refund and returnpolicy they provided on their site? Please leave a customer feedback based on your shopping experience at Chic Me so that other customers can go through it before making purchases on their site.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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