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Pheromones if used smartly can seduce and arouse. They can even make one fall in love! But do they? If you are fond of using colognes and scents, you must check out Love scent. We recommend that you read customer reviews before you actually go shopping from them. Reviews can help one buy right!


Love-scent is based in Eugene, Oregon and retails in pheromones. They also offer wholesale discounts to resellers who want to add their products to the latter's own catalogues. You can buy their products wholesale and resell them. They also offer Private Label and Bulk options if you want to sell their products under your own brand name. They offer private labelling on selected products in their catalogue. Under this, they take the same pheromone formulas that they've developed in accordance with the latest pheromone science and put them in your packaging. Further, they offer pure pheromone powders if you want to make your own pheromone creations at your own facility. They also offer the option to do affiliate marketing for them.

Goods at

On the shelf, they have men's pheromones, women's pheromones, and pure pheromones. They also keep pheromone samples for people who want to try them. In their menu, they also have supplies and brand colognes. In the pheromone sample, they offer men's and women’s pheromones samples and packs. Each male sampler contains an alpha 7 unscented mini, a chikara sample and a one-cent sample which includes sample gel packets. For men, they have got scented men’s pheromones, unscented men’s pheromones, and pure men’s pheromones to offer. The same options are provided for women. In brand colognes, they offer men's brand colognes and women’s brand colognes. On their shelves, they also have candles, oils, colognes, scents both scented and unscented. They also offer supplies if you’re making your own formulas. For instance, they have Fab 4 chem sets, roll-top glass bottles, pocket atomizers, Champa incense, and several essential oils.

Payment and policies at

At you can pay via PayPal, visa, credit card or your discovery card. They also provide free shipping on orders above a certain price range. If you are not satisfied with the product you can ship that product to the address mentioned with a note in which the order number is written and also written that you want to return the product and get a full refund within 60 days. Also if you want to exchange your product for some other product you can follow the same process as for a return except write in the note that you want to exchange and the name of the product for which you want to exchange. You can contact them via Twitter, Facebook, or call.

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Have you tried their fragrances? Do they have the wow factor? You can share your experience with the world by leaving us your feedback in the form given if you have tried their products. If you are going to shop for the first time, you must check out the customer reviews and be guided towards the best first buy, recommendations and tips.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

Affiliate ilmoittaminen: Tämä viesti sisältää kumppanilinkin, joka tarkoittaa, että kun napsautat NÄYTÄ-painiketta ja teet ostoksen sivulla, saatamme saada palkkion, joka auttaa sivuston ylläpitämisessä - All reviews
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