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Direct Screening

A criminal background check is generally included in a pre-employment or employment background check - a legal investigation into a person’s past that helps inform decisions about whether to hire, promote, contract with, or use a person’s services. Organizations may use criminal background checks to assess whether a candidate is honest, trustworthy, or may potentially pose a threat to others. So, whether or not you're involved in a crime you can need to get a report that proves your innocence - this is where Direct Screening comes into play. At Direct Screening, they want to be your source for instant criminal background checks. Whether you are an individual or a business, they provide you with the most current criminal background information available. They take pride in their all-time updated database.

But before trusting them you must read their customer reviews. It will ensure their credibility and would give you ways to avail services from them.

About Direct Screening

Direct Screening has been serving people online since 2004. Direct Screening's mission is to provide the clients with an easy-to-use application that will instantly produce a clear, consistent, and concise criminal background report that has been drawn from the most current available public records. Direct Screening has emerged as the leader in aggregating and distributing public records. They have compiled information from over 50 states with more than 600 million records and the list is growing. Their data is obtained directly from the administration of the courts, the state's central repositories, and county and criminal justice systems.

Products and Services by Direct Screening

Direct Screening provides services that include National Background Check, Enhanced National Check, and Social Security Number Report. The national criminal background check compromises the results of Direct Screening's public database search in over 50 states with more than 480 million records and it doesn't stop here. This instant search is the most cost-effective method to search all available public criminal record databases. The Enhanced National Check is a national criminal background check with an SSN search - they also a state version for this. The social security number report provides information on a person's name, aliases, and current & prior addresses. Also, based on availability, it provides the date of birth, age, and current and prior phone numbers. This search is an ideal way to locate people, confirm a social security number, or obtain an address history. So, it's the best place for the Criminal Investigation Department as well.

Their services do not require any special terminals or complicated software installation. They provide a user-friendly application - just a few clicks and your reports will be ordered, archived, and easy to access. Direct Screening complies with the federal FCRA act. With Direct Screening you don't need to worry about setup fees, monthly minimums, contracts, or hidden charges. You only pay for the searches you order.

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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