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Video games have become a big deal. They no longer look like those time-wasting activities for kids alone. Right now, hundreds of millions of people play games in their leisure time to relax or even as fulltime jobs. Not everyone can afford gaming consoles, and so game lovers have created online gaming platforms for people to come to play and enjoy their favorite games. These platforms have also become communities for game lovers to interact and build lasting relationships or rivalries.

Right now, there are so many gaming platforms to choose from, and so you must check out reviews and feedbacks from past customers of these sites and confirm if they are right for you. Different factors will determine the suitability of these platforms for you and that is why you should do the research yourself. Skillz is an online gaming platform that offers multiplayer games and allows gamers to play with themselves regardless of their location in the world. Check out what customers are saying about them.

About Skillz
Skillz was launched in 2012 by Andrew Paradise and co-founder Casey Chafkin. Skillz’s headquarters is currently in San Francisco, California. Skillz as a gaming platform brings game lovers and players together irrespective of their location. It is said to be compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Skillz’s platform is funded by various venture capitalists and they claimed to have generated over fifty-three million dollars since its inception. The platform was said to have launched over 500 games and in partnerships with over 1000 game studios as at June 2015. They boast of a gender-equal and enabling environment, claiming that a high percentage of their engineering team is made of women.

Products and Services Offered by Skillz
The Skillz’s multiplayer gaming platform has games such as Solitaire Cube, Blackout Bingo, Pool Payday, Dominoes Gold, Strikel by Bowlero, and the very popular Bubble Shooter Arena. Some other games include Bug Run Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Block Blitz, and Bubble Cube. Skillz asserts that their collection offers at least a game for everyone, even those who are not everyday gamers.

Skillz’s user interface is said to be very interactive and easy to navigate. However, users are usually clamoring for more games to be made available to be played on the platform. To get access to this site, users are required to sign up. Users are expected to create a unique username and password that grants them login access to Skillz from anywhere on the globe. According to Skillz, the username will count as the user’s display name in any game or competition.
Skillz allows players to be paid for winning multiplayer games. However, the requirement for this is that users pay an entry fee for the game or competition. Once the game is over, Skillz takes some of the winnings and hands the rest to the winner. Users have said that this increases competition on the platform even though some are grossly dissatisfied by splitting the winnings with Skillz.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Skillz
Do you play games on Skillz? Have you ever had any issue competing on this platform? Kindly give us some feedback on your user experience using Skillz through a customer review. Other users will benefit greatly from your contributions.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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