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When you buy new or used electronic devices, they usually come with a warranty that lets you pay little or nothing when damage happens to the device within a period after the purchase – between three to six months. Anyone will agree that warranties are lifesavers which explains why people buy extended warranties when their initial warranty expires.
Companies like Upsie sell warranties for electronic products. Before handing your hard-earned money to a company to purchase a warranty, would it be a big deal if you took time to read reviews from people who has bought the warranty before? Reading customer reviews of different warranty companies will help you to choose the most reliable company.

About Upsie
Upsie uses a mobile app that serves one major purpose – provides a warranty on electronic devices and other electrical appliances. The company was founded in 2015 by Clarence Bethea and claims to have 11 employees. Its headquarters is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

According to the company, 36 investors have helped them rise over $26 million from 6 funding rounds. Of this $26 million, the company also claims that they were able to raise over $18 million in their last funding round which was a series A funding. After six years in the insurance industry, Upsie has been able to develop a website and an app that its owners say is transparent, dependable, and user-friendly.

Products and Services of Upsie
Upsie promises its customers an affordable and transparent warranty that will be accompanied by excellent customer service. The company claims that every improvement that it makes is made with the view of satisfying customers better and that they are dedicated to keeping on improving their customer service.
The warranty industry is a $40-billion industry that is known for its ridiculous prices, pressure on customers to make a purchase, and shady terms and conditions. Upsie claims to be different by providing coverage and pricing that are transparent and can be viewed on their website or mobile app designed with an easy-to-understand user interface.

You can use the website to get a new warranty, however, that is not all that can be done. People who have existing warranties store their receipts on the website or the mobile app so that information can be easily managed and tracked. You can also read up on coverage information on both platforms.
You can purchase an Upsie warranty within the first 60 days after you buy an electronic device (120 days for smartphones or 11 months for televisions and major equipment like fitness equipment, etc). If anything happens to this device, you can call the customer service number and you will get a response from a human rather than an Artificial Intelligence.

The customer service can be contacted at any time of the day and when the complaint is laid, you can choose any of the four repair options that the company offers – Local, Shipping, Home Repair, or Replacement.
The company also has an affiliate program that allows people to earn up to 10% on each warranty purchase with a 30-day return policy amongst other benefits.

Invitation for Feedback and Reviews for Upsie
Upsie claims to have over 140,000 monthly visits to its site which means that a lot of people buy warranties from Upsie. If you have made a purchase before, kindly leave a review here. Potential customers will like to know if you enjoyed their service. Will you recommend Upsie to someone else? Did you enjoy their customer service?

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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