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If you are a fitness freak and care much about health and nutrition, a health tracker can be beneficial for you. But in a digital world full of so many options, which one should you pick? InsideTracker is a company that provides health solutions. But how do you know their product is right for you? For that, please make sure to read customer reviews. Reading user reviews will help you make a good decision about your health and fitness.

About InsideTracker

In 2009, a group of people with a background in ageing, genetics, and biometric data met to found InsideTracker. Their office is in Massachusetts. InsideTracker provides health solutions by taking into account - your blood, DNA, and other data. After studying the data, they make recommendations for your lifestyle and nutrition. Some of their clients are athletes, professionals, and parents with kids. InsideTracker's plans serve the United States' Special forces, by providing recommendations on food & nutrition for the soldiers. They offer endurance and fit services wherein you provide your lifestyle details and blood reports. Then they use their patented engine that analyzes your data to generate recommendations according to science and specific to your body’s needs. They also have ebooks available on their site. InsideTracker complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and thereby promises to keep your personal information confidential in accordance with federal laws and regulations. You can contact them over the phone, or through the mail, or by visiting their office physically.

Product and Services of InsideTracker

InsideTracker has several available plans like Essentials, Home Kit, Inner Age 2.0, Blood Results Upload, and Ultimate. All InsideTracker plans have live customer support and an option to add DNA insights and receive recommendations based on your genes. The Ultimate Plan has biomarkers like Minerals, Liver, and Complete Blood Count. The Essentials Plan and Inner Age 2.0 are available only for American and Canadian citizens. The Essentials Plan Essentials Plan plan focuses on Metabolism, sleep, energy, and overall wellness. Biomarkers include Energy & Metabolism, Bone & Muscle, and Strength & Endurance. The Inner Age 2.0 plan's biomarkers include Albumin, Glucose, and Lymphocytes. Biomarkers for men include Calcium, Red Blood Cells, and Testosterone.

The Homekit is available for international customers and has seven biomarkers. Some of their biomarkers are Hormones and Inflammation. The Blood Results Upload is available for international customers. It has a total of 43 biomarkers, including Ferritin, Folate, Triglycerides, Vitamin B12, and RBC Magnesium. They have a Digital Gift Card for those who want to gift their friends and relatives. Their plans work in four steps: upload results, share information and preferences, set up a plan and track progress.

Compliments and Complaints about InsideTracker

Have you ever tried a plan from InsideTracker? Did their health recommendations help you to stay fit? Kindly write a review for us. Your feedback could help thousands of athletes, gymnasts, and enthusiasts. By sharing your experience with InsideTracker, you help people make wise choices and avoid mistakes. Also, make sure to read user reviews before you make a subscription to InsideTracker.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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