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Starting a company is not as simple as it sounds. It means you would have to go through some legal proceedings, and you’d also need to put a number of paper works in place so that your new establishment could satisfy all the dictates of the law as it relates to setting up and registering a new business entity. If these processes are not followed when starting a company, chances are, your business will run into some legal issues with the authorities sooner, rather than later. There are a lot of business consultants who can help you complete the process involved with starting your company, including Filenow. However, not all of these self acclaimed professionals have what it takes to properly help set up your business, and to avoid falling into the wrong hands, you should read customer reviews, feedbacks, and experiences of people who have had dealings with these companies in the past. Read reviews of real customers of Filenow to find out if they can be relied on to help set up and register your new business.

General information on Filenow

Filenow is located in New York, and they claim to have a team of business professionals and legal veterans, who would help you oversee the setting up and registration of your new business. This team is said to guide clients through the process of registering their company, whether a Limited Liability Company (LLC), small business corporation (S-Corp), or a Corporation. According to their website, Filenow does it much faster and five times lesser than most lawyers charge. They also have a guide on their website for customers who don’t know the right business entity to choose.

What does Filenow Offer Customers?

Filenow offers formation service, which includes LLC, S-Corp, and S Corporation. They also offer business services on ‘Federal Tax ID/EIN’, ‘Application for Authority’, ‘Registration Agent Service’, ‘Certificate of Good Standing’, ‘Doing Business As’ (DBA), and ‘Reservation of Name’.

Filenow has two (2) packages for company formation, the Starter, and the Premium package. The starter package cost $49, with an additional state fee. The package comes with a 24-hour order processing, a 1year registered agent (saves you $119), company alerts, phone, and email support, online order status tracking, electronic delivery, FedEx shipping with tracking, EIN/Tax ID cost $75, company kit cost $99, business contract templates cost $99, and banking resolution cost $30.

The premium package costs $199, with an additional state fee. The premium package comes with all the benefits of the starter package, but EIN/Tax ID has no extra charge, same day expedited service cost $75-$150 for both starter and premium package. Company kit, business contract templates, and banking resolution have no extra charge.

Filenow offers a 100% refund of the service fee on any document (s) prepared if the state denies a customer company’s application for negligence. Customers are also promised a fast filling service, free shipping, and online delivery.

For more information on Filenow and their activities, you can visit their website.

Feedbacks, Experiences, and Tips for Filenow

Has Filenow helped you with your business needs before? Was the right service given to you for the package you picked? Did the state reject your documents after you employed their services? How would you describe their overall service delivery? Tell us your customer experience with this brand as your honest feedback will help prospective clients make the right decision on whether to deal with Filenow or not.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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