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LEDs, Light Emitting Diodes, first appeared as a practical component that could be applied to a circuit as long ago as 1962.

I wonder if, at the time, its inventors and users could have envisaged the revolutionary effect the LEDs would have in almost every aspect of our technological lives today.

Almost completely replacing the Edison filament bulb, a technology that reigned unchanged for one hundred years is quite a feat.

Now LED lighting is the de-facto standard in most applications due to its unique applicability, cost of production, low energy consumption and versatility.

With this ease of use has come many great new domestic lighting design ideas and a whole host of exciting new companies. A little bit of careful research and online will get you a long way before you dive into the wonderful new world of LED lighting for your spaces.

About LED Light Expert
LEDLightExpert.com is an online lighting portal that stock LED lights for homes, businesses and public spaces.

Based in San Diego, California, the company offers toll-free phone support for their range of products and US based technicians to help.

LEDLightExpert.com is also UL and DLC registered.

Products And Services Of LED Light Expert
LED lights for almost every situation are stocked by LED Light Expert. Their web portal allows you to shop via fitting type, color and wattage.

LEDlights are available for home and office applications. In addition, lighting systems are stocked for warehousing and parking lots where high output bulbs are needed.

LEDLightExpert.com also lists LED bulbs and fittings suitable for growing plants indoors.

The company also stock a range of lighting that is suitable for stadiums and court applications for sports.

The company caters for private individuals and contractors and the building trade. They will accept purchase orders and financing is available upon application.

A range of wholesale pricing options are available for electricians buying in bulk.

LED Light Expert use a combination of their own warehouses and 3rd party warehouses across the US. Shipping times average 2 to 3 days, but can be as long as 5 days using the free shipping option.

The company will accept return up to a maximum of 4 weeks after purchase. The customer is responsible for shipping and there is a 10% restocking fee.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For LED Light Expert
Check with the company before buying, especially if you have unique lighting needs as they do offer a custom lighting service which may assist you in your lighting installation.

Also make use of the features on the website which allow you to sort the wide lighting range by a variety of attributes.

If you have purchased from LED Light Expert then we would appreciate your input.

Giving us your customer review can help us to help others make better choices before they buy.

If you could take a moment to tell us about your buying experience, that would be great. How was the purchase for you? Is the website easy to use? When the product arrived, was it was you expected?

Please help us to help others with your feedback. As more and more people switch from filament and CFL bulbs, LED lighting will become a bigger part of our lives.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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