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Positive Grid

In many ways, the world of music production hasn’t changed for decades. The basic principles are still the same in terms of getting sound from your instrument to the recording device.

But in other ways, everything has been blown out of the water. You can now produce music on your tablet if you want to.

Many guitar and instrument effects, once the preserve of hardware pedals alone, can now be reproduced in software in real time.

And indeed, many studios, from small home studios to large professional outfits use a combination of hardware and software to make the dream to alive. The magic doesn’t just lie in one style of equipment, but a range if ideas that are all brought under the umbrella of music production.

Traditionally musicians have used word of mouth and simply listening to other equipment to make their purchasing choices. Modern times now mean that you may also need to rely on the opinions of other people through online reviews before purchasing software.

About Positive Grid
Positive Grid was formed in 2013 with the aim of combining mobile technologies and modern sound technologies to create a music creation experience that could be packaged into simple apps that ordinary musicians could employ.

The company combines hardware production with software apps that are available to the musician.

Products And Services Of Positive Grid
Positive grid creates a variety of different products for different aspects of the musicproduction process.

Their products will appeal to musicians of all kinds who are interested in their own music creation and production.

Positive Grid create a line of guitar amplifiers that suit many different applications. The Spark Amp for instance is a guitar amplifier that come with an app for your smartphone. The amp can be tailored to your needs with tens of thousands of of programmable tones and has home recording capabilities.

The guitar amplifier range also contains bass amps, and rack mounted amplifiers for maximum flexibility in your studio.

Like you would expect, there are effects pedals as well. Distortion, delay and modulation pedals are available that fit the range of amps that the company produce. Although there are only three pedals, they encompass the philosophy at Positive Grid in that you can interface with the pedal via a software and unlock a wide tonal range through the apps technology.

Each hardware offering comes with its own dedicated app. In addition, there are a range of software available for musicians to assist them with their music creation.

Bias FX 2 is their flagship product, and is designed to be a fully fledged guitar effects rig that available on your computer.

The software extends to dedicated smartphone apps that contains guitar effects and drum effects.

Positive Grid will accept returns on software bought through them within 30 days of payment. Software designed to run on Apple devices has 90 days before you can request refund.

Hardware can also be returned within 30 days if you obtain an RMA number from the company.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips For Positive Grid
We want to hear your feedback if you are a musician who has used Positive Grid’s products.

Have you considered the leap into more modern sound recording technologies? Have you purchased software or hardware from this company?

If you could tell us about your experience and give us your customer review of their products then you can help us to help other musicians who are considering making a purchase as well.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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