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Reborn Shoppe

Are you a fanatic of Reborn dolls? Do you feel like owning a Reborn doll? Do you have a Reborn doll, and you intend to shop for more? Then you must feel the same struggle as most reborn doll adherents. Over the years, the fraudulent activities surrounding the sales of Reborn dolls have been on the increase. This is the reason for a lot of research for those who intend to own one. A lot of people keep asking about the most credible place to buy these dolls and wanting reassurance. That's why we have decided to look into Reborn dolls and stores that sell the product. We would look at their services and what they offer, and you can also read customer reviews of real past customers of these brands. In this review, we would focus on the Reborn Shoppe, one of the brands selling Reborn dolls.

General Information about Reborn Shoppe

The Reborn Shoppe is a brand that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of reborn dolls. This brand, which was established in 2012, was purported to help grieving mothers, children and people who want a feel of carrying a baby achieve that purpose. With a drive formed as a sort of comfort, the brand now makes its services accessible to the world with their website. On display, the website has several designs of reborn dolls from which customers can take their pick, and a chance to customize custom dolls.

What does Reborn Shoppe Offer Customers?

The Reborn Shoppe website explicitly displays their merchandise, which is a collection of Reborn dolls, and their accessories. These products which are classified into several groupings which allow customers to make picks based on several metrics. These collections, which include different types of reborn doll designs such as African American dolls, Sleeping dolls, Open eye dolls and smile babies, can be fitted based on their choice or preference. With an option to pick between two sexes, male and female, customers can now submit predefined templates for their dolls.

With the dolls' pricing, customers can now enjoy discounts and promos on dolls from the price of $79. However, most of the companies' discount is focused on purchases of $100 and above. There are 10% discounts on all purchases of dolls from $100 and above due to the brands' celebration of the upcoming Halloween season. So now customers can get more dolls just in time for the festivities.

The websites offer customers the chance to make purchases using their accredited electronic payment option, which is PayPal. Once the order has been approved, customers would have to wait for their products based on the level of work needed, especially in a custom-made order. Customers on Reborn Shoppe also enjoy the privilege of a 30-day window to return unwanted or replaceable products in their right condition and packaging. To make things easier for their clients, a scammer warning page is available on their website.

Feedback, Experiences and Tips on Reborn Shoppe

Do you have prior experience shopping with the Reborn brand? If yes, we would be happy to know about your experience with this brand. By simply leaving a review and feedback about your experiences with this brand, our readers would be empowered with all the information they need to do business with the brand.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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