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Surfing is a great sport to improve your flexibility and balance. It is done by people where they ride on a wave using a surfboard while standing and keeping their balance. Some do it laying down. The wave should be big enough to maintain the ride on the top of the water. Some people contend in surfing competitions professionally while others just want to experience or learn the sport just for fun or self-gratification.

It improves cardiovascular health by surfing as a regular exercise. It has been proven to reduce disease-related to heart ailments and blood pressure. It is also a way to relieve stress and relax the body. It pumps adrenalin increasing happiness and self-fulfilment. It can also make your body fit and tone your muscles because you have to keep your balance while standing on the surfboard. You need a healthy body and strong muscle to excel in surfing.

About Remixd

Remixd was founded in June 2013 and brings in Fresh new brands for the youth sports market. It has a diverse range of products Remix which bring together brands that cover people from all types of ages, backgrounds and social circles to unite them when it comes to having fun with their sport and their fashion. The surf market is going up now that the sport has become more popular.

Remixd was born out of the need to showcase the brands that remix sells. It is a retail showroom to showpiece the brands in their full glory to the public. Some of the best ranges only have selected products available because this way all the ranges of the brands remix does will be on sale here and other fine establishments around the country. The owners of this online shop is all surfers making them choose their products based on experience and based on their interests. They are aware of the materials and gadgets needed to surf. The physical store is based in Swansea and these owners/surfers also use their stylish products.

Products and Services of Remixd

When you visit their website you will see a wide array of products categorized into men, women, kids, Surf gear and Clearance. The products under men and women are mostly clothing, wetsuits and accessories. They have board shorts, long sleeves, short sleeves, jumpers, trousers, hooded, sweats and many more.

They have accessories that are used in surfing. These accessories are hats, belts & wallets, shoes, bags & backpacks, caps, socks, beanies, scarf, sunglasses, goggles, earplugs and headphones. Wet boots are also a necessary accessory for surfing. This will help protect your feet against sharp rocks, broken corals and other sharp things that may end up on the beach. Brands that are available in this shop are as follows: Lost enterprises, Passenger, lightning bolt, Salty Crew, Globe, Barts, Coalatree, carve, eyewear, Cobian sandals, hydroponic, Nectar and Optic nerve.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Remixed

Have you ever browsed on Remixed page? If you have, we strongly encourage you to share your feedback and experiences. One of the best ways to do this is to leave a customer review online at Collected.Reviews for this online shop. Please don't be afraid to include both the positive and negative sides. This may help Remixed enhance its services to you.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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