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Attify Store

Did you know that the Internet today is 52 years old? Just wow! The first online message was sent in 1969, the first email in 1971. The first webpage was launched in 1991, followed by Amazon in 1995, then Google in 1997, and finally Facebook in 2004.

Before the internet are limited to a computer but nowadays when technologies evolved rapidly, there are those devices called the internet of things or IoT, which are entrenched in our everyday lives, it is just everywhere. These millions of interrelated devices or things are embedded with sensors or software. Capable of collecting and transferring data without human intervention thru the use of wireless internet, which impacts societies and economies worldwide.

Some examples of IoT are internet-connected appliances like smart TV, speakers and light bulbs, wearable health monitors like fitness trackers, smart home security systems, autonomous farming equipment, wireless inventory trackers, and biometric cybersecurity scanners. Giant tech companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Cisco and Microsoft produces these high tech devices and sensors.

In data by Cisco, it states that the world population in 2020 is 7.6 billion versus 50 billion interconnected devices, meaning a single person owns not one but more than 6.5 interconnected devices.

About Attify Store

Aditya Gupta is the CEO of Attify, Inc., he is an Internet Executive with a huge security research background on Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT). He redefined the way mobile and IoT security is done by building products and offering services. His vision of the company is to be able to create services suited to the needs of other companies.

Attify is a leading mobile and IoT security startup enabling enterprises to secure their assets.
It is a security firm focusing on penetration testing and security training of Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile applications. Founded in 2013, Attify has been a global leader in IoT, mobile, big data and infrastructure security. Attify's team includes security professionals with expertise ranging in various fields including Reverse Engineering, Embedded Device security, Radio reversing, Web application pen testing and infrastructure security.

Products and Services of Attify Store

Attify offers embedded security research tools like Optic Spy, JTAGulator, GreatFET One, and Attify Badge-UART, JTAG, SPI, 12C. They also have software-defined radio, proximity tools and radio utilities, BLE and Zigbee, Automotive security assessment, Dev boards and a lot more.

Attify is also the creator of popular training courses such as "Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation", "Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation" and more. Attify members have also written books and papers such as "Learning Pentesting for Android Devices", "A Short Guide on ARM Exploitation" and many more.

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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