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Black Lotus Shilajit

People often find that they don't get enough nutritional benefits from the foods they eat, or in some cases need more nutrition. Some people also find conditions such as poor memory and general weakness troubling because these conditions are not easily resolved with conventional medicine. Black lotus shilajit helps users regain health and rejuvenate completely through supplementation. But they have dedicated and well-researched employees and supervisors? Do they have letters of recommendation from existing sponsors to prove the effectiveness of their products? How is their return policy? We recommend that you read honest customer reviews about Black Lotus Shilajit before visiting their website. Share your thoughts on our website.

About Black Lotus shilajit

Black Lotus shilajit is an American company headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. It is owned by a family that claims to provide individuals with health solutions through supplements and herbs to improve the overall wellbeing of people. They also claim to assure users that their supplements are pure, undiluted, and free of bacteria and toxins. Shilajit is a black resin substance that seeps from the cracks in the mountains at extremely high altitudes.

Products and services offered by Black Lotus Shilajit

Black lotus shilajit insists it is a natural tonic. It comes from the Siberian mountains and contains fulvic acid, a key ingredient that completely rejuvenates the body. It claims to provide its users with a wide range of health benefits, including digestion, improved circulation, memory, sleep, and detoxification. The quality of Shilajit depends on the source and processing method.
How do you take shilajit? Dissolve 250mg (about the size of a small pea) in a glass of water, tea, coffee, or milk 15-30 minutes before breakfast and dinner and drink it once or twice a day. If your weight is less than 115 pounds, take 100-150 mg. If you take 250 mg twice a day, a 15-gram jar will last you about a month. Since Shilajit is a concentrated supertonic, there is no need to use it 100% of the time. They recommend taking a break every few months to avoid overloading the body. Once the cells are saturated with minerals, the effect remains, and then you can use Shilajit regularly to rejuvenate. It is not recommended to use it continuously for more than 6 months.
How quickly will you see the results? It depends on your specific physique and fitness. According to reports, chronic symptoms disappear overnight, some people will not feel too much for at least a week or two, and some will immediately feel energized, focused, and calm.
Supplements provided by Black Lotus Shilajit are also used for animals. After feeding Shilajit to their dogs and cats for a few weeks, many people report that their animal's bodies have improved, including shiny, healthier hair, hydrated noses, whiter teeth, and even more likely to be overweight. Dogs and cats have lost weight. After feeding them Shilajit for the first few weeks, people noticed that some of their animal's other benefits were regular bowel movements, a balanced appetite, more energy for previously sluggish dogs, and an even better response to commands.

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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