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Going through the menopausal stage has never been easy for women. It is accompanied by hot flashes, cold flashes, abnormal basal temperature, vaginal dryness, insomnia and erratic emotional moods. How prepared is your body to combat the body changes that comes with menopause? Finding relieve during this period can be challenging and experimenting on products during this period can be dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies offer drugs and vitamins which they claim would help women scale through with ease but some prescription instead of aiding escalate the menopause symptoms and ailments. Reading customer reviews from third party sites can help you in making an informed decision on your health.

General Information on Menolabs

Menolabs, a company based in Tucson Estate, Arizona, is co-founded by two women, who claim their mission is to provide innovative ways of dealing with the effects of menopause through menopause support products. They strongly believe that women should not be left at the mercy of menopause ailments and symptoms; instead they should take charge of it.

What does Menolabs Offer Customers?

Menolabs is said to offer natural health care products, supplements, and high-quality probiotics which is good for women's health. They claim that these probiotic supplements deal with hot flash relief, weight loss, balance the mood, support immune system, support healthy skin, supports respiratory health, digestive health and makes women in their menopause glow.

Menolabs claim that these products make the transition of women into menopause a smooth one thereby keeping them focused and productive in their every day life. It would help them to concentrate on their careers or homemaker role, allowing them to live to the fullest.

Menolabs offers a refund if probiotics for menopause relief do not work after customers have used the products for at least three months.

To order any of their products, visit their website and add products to cart. They promise fast and free shipping on all product subscriptions to 50 states within the United States and reduced or free shipping on one-time purchases. International Shipping may be available for select products. However these do not qualify for free shipping. Order is usually processed within 24 hours and delivered the same day but they do not work on Sundays and on holidays.

Paymentisacceptedthrough Google pay, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and PayPal accounts.

Menolabs pride themselves on educating the world community of women about the science of probiotics and how useful it is in the transition to menopause. They assure customers of a great customer care service who is always ready to attend to customers.

Feedback, Experiences and Tips for Menolabs

Have you ever bought any of the Menolabs products? Did you ever have a need to demand for refund? If yes, did the customer care attend to you immediately, and with courtesy? Will you be able to recommend them to friends and family? Are there tips or suggestions you would like to give to them? Let us know what you think by writing us a customer review. Your opinion will assist other women know what to expect from Menolabs and discover if it is safe to take a chance on them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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