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Our fondest memories are usually captured by photographs. Photographs can also speak to us, make us cry, and make us laugh without any spoken word, telling us visual stories in utter silence. For some photographers it is their love language, some their passion, for some it is endless fun and adventure, or photographs can serve as documentation of our history and culture that can outlast generations.

Every photographer has a certain style or genres like portrait, photojournalism, documentary, fashion, sports, architecture and many more. My personal favourites are portrait and fashion photography. These two genres usually use backdrops to create a specific visual scene for the subject of the photo.

Photography backdrops add personality and style to photos, and can also set the mood for your photography, for a dramatic edgy photo of your subject you need a solid black backdrop and low-key lighting. Now, if you want fresh and clean for your subject you need a high-key light and solid white backdrop. There are many types of photography backdrops to choose from, that uses different materials. The materials of backdrops can be seamless paper, types of vinyl, velvet, cloth, muslins and canvas.

Let me tell you what is the hype about Canvas Backdrops. It is special because it is textured, and that texture creates a unique and artistic look. The texture also changes the way the light interacts with the backdrop because it is less reflective and distinctly matte. Canvas backdrops can also be turned into hand-painted arts, that will make your photos more attractive and achieve a unique style or theme you are aiming for in your photography. These hand-painted canvas backdrops are used in high profile campaigns shots for big fashions like Hermes, Ralph Lauren, GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Macy’s, and J Crew.

About ClotStudio

Clotstudio is the most cost-effective hand-painted backdrops brand that provides backdrops for photographers all over the world. Their canvas backdrops are pure hand-painted arts, to make their customers’ photo attractive and fascinating. The canvas backdrops are hand-painted by experienced academic painters and the canvas material is thick and durable.

Their custom painted backdrops are specific for every client's needs, they are rich in texture and are used to shoot retro and elegant photos. Clotstudio can do any size of backdrops but cannot roll ship more than 8ft in height and width. They also have a dynamic production and their turnaround time usually takes about 20 days.

Products and Partnerships of Clotstudio

Clotstudio produces a large number of backdrops for photographers all over the world. They have a wide variety of hand-painted canvas backdrops. They have abstract art backdrops with a lot of available colours like cyan, olive, purple, lime, grey, gold, ochre, white to name a few. There’s also numerous Fine Art design like Flowers and Forest spray painted Canvas Backdrops, Pink Blossoms, Trees to Castle Stair and Rust Sculpture to choose from.

They are also offering partnerships with excellent photographers. They will give priority to partner photographers if Clotstudio has new backdrops to test, and will offer a lot of exclusive discounts to them.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips For Clotstudio

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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